the stm\'s new bus shelters won\'t cost $16,000

by:YEROO     2019-10-10
No, they won\'t spend money.
Transport director Michel Labrecque said how many novel bus shelters this is (STM says (
His design is the result of a match)would cost.
This price is about twice the average cost of the bus shelter (
$6,000 to $8,000).
Prices are causing a stir now and now, says STM, and these shelters only cost about $12,000, about the same as other advertised shelters. (
The overall average price is lower due to some smaller, non-advertising, etc. ).
This is what STM executive director Yves Devin said at a briefing for reporters on Tuesday.
Labrecque\'s data came from designers at the new sanctuary, he said.
But Devin insists that STM expects prices to drop when they open tender for the construction of bus shelters.
Private companies may pay, he said.
That\'s how it works on all the streets of Montreal.
CBS pays for the shelter outdoors and then sells ads on it, and STM gets cut.
When STM was released, there was no mention of the possibility that the private sector would pick up the label.
This is the second public relations dispute that happened recently in STM.
Another Labrecque, who participated last week, clearly indicated that the Metro line might actually be (
For example, it is no longer the blue line, but the \"bell\" line)
As part of a proposal to allow companies to \"sponsor\" subway lines. That caused .
To \"clarify the facts\", six journalists were invited by STM to. .
STM is usually very good in the public --relations game.
On October, it announced the same award twice.
When it comes to the new bus shelters, the most detailed analysis of their advantages and disadvantages (
Mainly the latter).
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Photo: Alan mackinnes, Gazette)
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