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The value of outdoor advertising light boxes


In the genes of outdoor media, there is a natural integration mechanism. Video, WeChat, mobile internet, public relations activities, traditional film and television advertisements or new media advertising sales models are likely or likely to be integrated by the outdoor industry. So how do outdoor advertising light boxes be valuable? Here we look at the introduction:

Integration is not only a trend, but also a direct reflection of the transformation of consciousness and thought. This requires not only accepting and learning more new knowledge, but also accommodating more new ideas. More importantly, it is necessary to accept and absorb more cross-media and cross-industry professionals into this old and young industry. The initial point of all this must be professionalism and innovation, which is the core of the outdoor media "doing a special".

Since the past outdoor media only sells "points" and does not require "content", the quality of practitioners is mixed. Most media companies are "sales oriented", and the role of the marketing department is often reduced to the support of the "sales department". The main job is to write reports and assist sales. Most corporate decision makers only care about sales performance and do not care about the brand image of their own media.

YEROO-The value of outdoor advertising light boxes

Outdoor media is no longer just a static picture. It is no longer just to beautify the environment. It needs to carry more content through various carrier forms, and it needs to undertake more missions of urban culture and spiritual construction. Of course, the outdoor media should also be fully integrated with the venue and function, and the practicality, interactivity and entertainment should be increased according to the characteristics of the surrounding audience, so that the value of the outdoor media will continue to increase. The function of the media itself increases and the value increases. The result is not only to attract the attention of the audience, but also to attract many advertisers. This is the core of the outdoor media "doing a special".

The above is the relevant introduction to the outdoor advertising light box. The production of outdoor advertising light boxes can show a good sense of social responsibility and public welfare, and strengthen the participation and public welfare of public life, which can highlight the characteristics and value of outdoor media as a public communication platform.

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