there is a solution to canada\'s fentanyl overdose crisis: end drug prohibition

by:YEROO     2019-10-20
\"If people don\'t know what they take, how can we guarantee their safety,\" a group of people gathered around static devices confiscated and broken during the age of alcohol ban in Chicago, California. 1920s. (Getty)
This can be compared to the situation in Canada with regard to drugs, whether it is the person who took the intended opioid or the person who took cocaine, it is still 100 times more powerful than heroin or carmine to cut MDMA unconsciously with Fen, and at a dose of salt grain size, it is strong and fatal 100 times.
However, people continue to take drugs.
\"This is the moment when we are facing the reality that the ban is causing in terms of danger,\" said Katrina Parsi, executive director of the Vancouver hub legal Association . \".
\"If people don\'t know what they\'re taking, how can we guarantee their safety? When you have a criminal background with people who use drugs, it\'s a reality.
You will continue to put them at great harm as they are unable to determine what they are consuming.
\"The deaths of Canadians are alarming, which prompted demonstrations across Canada on February last week on National Action Day. 21.
Three days later, Canada\'s mayor, Health Minister Jane philport and Public Safety Minister Ralph goodler also held a conference call on the next step.
Steve Cardinal holds a wooden feather that says \"we miss you\", which was written in the first National Day parade, to cause an overdose of opioid drugs in downtown Vancouver. C. (CP)
Last year, 914 people died in excess in B. C. , two-
The people in their thirties who were associated with fen set a terrible record.
The figure includes 142 deaths in last December and 11 deaths in one night.
This was the worst month ever, prompting the province to set up an emergency overdose prevention website.
Another 116 people died in excess in January.
Although the West Coast is the epicenter, drug users across the country are dying.
There\'s also 343 of the total.
The number of deaths in Alberta last year, although Ontario figures have not yet been released, in 2015 alone, 253 people died in Toronto.
\"This happens when people get material through illegally unregulated markets,\" Pacey said . \".
\"This is a complete disaster. \"Canada\'s harm-
The reduction began at 1990 after Vancouver experienced a similar overkill.
Pure \"Chinese white\" heroin arrived.
\"This is the last time a public health emergency has been declared, and this is in response to the very serious and extreme HIV infection rates that [occur]
City Center East
But there are also cases of overdoses, \"said Patsy.
\"A lot of important things happened after that.
Needle allocation projects have increased and, ultimately, the first approved supervised injection site was available in 2003 due to many important grass-roots organizations.
\"But the injection site that comes to Toronto now only serves some type of user.
Others may take medicine, use it at home, or just use it occasionally.
More and more
Opioid drugs are contaminated, whether they deliberately create addiction (
So demand)
Or because of cross error. contamination.
\"People are using substances and they want to know what they are taking and they want to be able to take it safely,\" said Pacey.
\"On Monday, December, a man was vaccinated at a bus shelter in downtown Vancouver East. 19, 2016. (CP)
While there is no comprehensive national strategy to address the epidemic, efforts are under way.
Most notably, prescription heroin, which was available to 150 people last fall after a clinical trial at the Crosstown Clinic in Vancouver.
The cost of treating each addict is $27,000 per year, but the program saves money in big plans by keeping users healthy and out of the criminal justice system.
Sam Sullivan, free MLA in Vancouver
He told Huffington Post\'s Canadian edition that fake Creek, the mayor of the city from 2005 to 2008, \"helped raise funds and drive the project \".
During his tenure, Vancouver hosted the North American opium drug treatment program (NAOMI)
The next step is to evaluate a longer study.
Therapeutic effect of opioid drugs (SALOME).
\"The trial took place and the Journal article wrote that this proved to be an effective and very effective treatment for addiction, however, how successful it was. . .
\"The doctor did not prescribe,\" Sullivan said . \".
\"I think, okay, we solved the problem.
Let\'s move on to the next one.
However, no one has accepted all of these studies and has actually taken action.
B. Sullivan added. C.
History has proven the effectiveness of this approach.
\"I just went back to the prohibition.
The reason you can\'t find a lot of statistics on alcohol deaths in BC is because we have very active medical alcohol problems here.
So people can get alcohol prescriptions.
I believe that in just one year, they have prescribed about 300,000 prescriptions out of the 500,000 population.
\"Prescription Heroin is also available in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.
On 1999, Liberty MP Hedy Fry of Vancouver Centre traveled with Swiss police and she saw them provide medical assistance to users rather than arrest.
\"That person will register as a drug addict and then go to the clinic to collect drugs as a registered drug addict.
She told Georgia directly that \"the state paid for opium . \".
\"I said, \'People in my area will say, you are supporting.
\"No, what we\'re doing is cutting off organized crime,\" he said.
So that people don\'t have to buy adulterated things.
They do not have to roll in the soil;
They don\'t need to rob others and steal money to buy things.
\"This is the word we have to have now,\" Fry added . \".
\"No one slammed anything into anyone\'s throat.
I\'m not talking about legalizing us.
But what I want to say is that it is time for us to discuss this issue openly and openly.
\"Sam Sullivan, former
The mayor of Vancouver and the current attorney general support the legalization of drugs through regulation (CP)
However, Sullivan said let\'s legalize it. \"I think [prohibition]
It\'s a huge failure.
We need to rethink the way we deal with drugs and the law.
\"We should legalize it with very strict regulations,\" he said . \".
\"We have to do this so people don\'t die.
In the end, you have to be flexible about what you want to do.
But when you turn drugs into illegal, you lose all the flexibility.
You can\'t respond in a normal way.
This makes it completely impossible.
The only person that can be supervised at this point is the criminal.
\"NDP health critic Don Davis, a member of Congress at Kingsway, Vancouver, echoes his fellow politicians.
\"The evidence clearly shows that there are some harmful consequences of making addiction a crime.
\"It can push addiction to the ground, increase crime, spread disease and cause avoidable injuries and deaths,\" he told the Huffington Post, Canada . \".
\"While the ban on drugs does express a social aversion to drug use-a positive message-it also brings shame to those with recognized mental health illnesses.
Davis, citing the study by Naomi and Salome, said he wanted to expand the prescription heroin program for \"patients with substance disease\"
Barriers to use, all other treatments proved unsuccessful.
\"This will ensure safer consumption under the supervision of health professionals and avoid the use of street drugs of unknown type and intensity.
He added: \"It will also save lives and he also wants to see more emergency overdose prevention sites, expand detoxification and addiction treatment, and treat non-
Pain management therapy for opioid drugs.
On June 8, 2016, during a demonstration calling for safer injection sites, the site of the injection site was supervised. (CP)
During his visit to Vancouver in January, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked about the ban, where he met with the front line --
Front line staff in downtown East, including Coco kalberson, who works for the Portland Hotels Association
Injection facilities.
\"Everyone raised the question of full legalization,\" karberson told Georgia directly.
\"His reaction was that it was common sense, but to create a policy that reflected common sense, particularly around the drug problem --
Much more complicated than he expected.
This week, Trudeau reiterated this position and told the media during a visit to Vancouver Island, \"We do not intend to include any other illegal substances in the process of moving towards legalization, control and regulation.
\"The next day, he went to the Eastern District of the city center and said harm reduction was\" a pillar of our integrated drug strategy, \"and he will expand his chances of taking opioid naroone, simplify the safe injection site of this process.
However, British columnians want to see the prime minister reconsider his opposition.
Legalization position
According to a survey released on December,
The profit InnerChange Foundation found that
The third in the province \"fully willing\" to consider legalizing drugs, one
25 of them are already in favor of legalization.
Also interested to learn more about potential risks and benefits.
Laura Tate of the InnerChange Foundation told the CBC, \"they don\'t like what they see in terms of death,\" \"They want to send a message to decision makers, that is, they are open to a series of options that may not be open in the past.
\"With the speech of Toronto Mayor John Tolley in January, the crisis is getting worse and moving east.
\"It is unacceptable in our city, in our country, in many cases, people who suffer from some kind of mental illness due to addiction die alone, without us, this is unacceptable when we know what we can do to prevent these deaths, do what we can, \"he told the media partnership after the new Toronto overwarning and alert meeting.
Tolli called for an increase in the chances of taking the drug naroone, which can be used like EpiPen to prevent an opioid overdose and would like to have three supervised injection sites by summerDr.
Barbara Yafei, acting medical officer at the health department in Toronto, added that one reason for the death was the unintended consequences of the current drug law, because \"bystanders are usually reluctant to call 911 because they are afraid of legal consequences, as a result, the caregiver may not be able to arrive in time to save the person who took the overdose.
\"At a press conference in Vaughan, Ontario, an OPP official showed the bag containing the fen.
Thursday, February. 23, 2017. (CP)On Feb.
On the 23rd, Ontario police ended an 18-
A one-month survey, known as the \"Silkstone project\", charged 18 residents in Ontario and Quebec by seizing 11,500 tablets containing fen as well as other drugs and guns.
Last week, police in Ottawa discovered a huge case of the drug.
\"We have seized thousands of pills today, so it is possible to cause mass casualties,\" said Sgt, a staff member in Ottawa . \".
Rick Carey told the Ottawa Sun
\"We are trying to make sure that this doesn\'t happen on the street because young people who don\'t know what\'s going on are exposed to it.
People don\'t know what they\'re eating.
\"But that won\'t stop the problem,\" he added . \".
\"This is just one [bust].
Pacey believes that the only real solution is to end the \"futile\" war on drugs through non-criminal crimes and regulation.
\"When will we be aware of the harm caused by the Canadian drug law and really have a dialogue and abandon the hopes and dreams of banning what [should] be doneand]
Sullivan agreed, \"talking about how we regulate drugs in a way that better protects the health of people who use them,\" arguing that if we have legalized hard drugs, in his province alone, we can save 914 lives.
\"It will be similar to the problem that people die from bad alcohol during the ban,\" he said . \".
\"If there is a market that is strictly regulated, you will not let people die from this situation.
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