\'this is our alamo\': emerald community battle over bus shelter enters third week

by:YEROO     2019-08-18
There are rumors that the Kelly Gang has lifted several sea melon seeds through the Emerald City.
It may not have happened.
The town has several bins knocked down several times a year and has no hooligans in history.
Until two weeks ago.
Local council and community leaders in hill town broke out a long-distance war at a bus stop-a beautiful little structure decorated with mosaics, painted in gorgeous circus colors, it exudes the charm of the quaint countryside, with the symbolic meaning of emotion and violence.
\"This is our Alamo,\" said Mary row, home of the Emerald community, located behind the sanctuary.
The siege of Alamo lasted 13 days.
The battle for bus shelters has entered the third week.
Five times, a council truck appeared in the dark and loosened with a power hose.
Community notices, including CFA advice, as well as personal letters and posters supporting asylum seekers, were rushed into the rain drain.
The mosaic is damaged, the paint falls off, and the supporting wood products are twisted.
Every morning, after the raid, Blair, row and other locals showed up with brushes, hammers and nails, nail guns, mops and brooms and began to repair the little shelter.
As the battle continued, they began to draw messages along the top beam: \"We don\'t follow.
\"Some of the art was created with state funding to support troubled young people,\" said Noelene Blair, a volunteer at the community house and an organizer of the town\'s annual arts festival.
At the end of the first raid, Blair confronted committee staff who said they were ordered to remove graffiti.
Initially they contacted their boss, Kevin Alexander, saying there was no graffiti, she said.
\"But they were told to throw everything away.
\"Kevin Alexander won\'t talk to Sunday Times, nor does he answer questions from angry locals, including local businessmen and hosts of the community radio Bret Townsend.
\"Kevin asked me to talk to the news officer, but she wouldn\'t talk to me either.
\"Marg Gemmell, a 45-year-old retired teacher and Emerald resident, believes the council is fighting refugees --
Related materials, this is the theme of the local newspaper report.
\"I don\'t mind the refugee posters, but if the council wants to take them down, why did they accidentally remove them?
Why did they mess up the shelter.
It stays in a lovely state all the time.
\"There is no answer, no communication from the Council, other than the raid.
On the face of it, this is another story about how the community manages its public space to conflict with blunt
The leading bureaucracy-played happily in local newspapers.
However, seven years ago, the Emerald Community House-which organized various local events, including the Council --
Funded PAVE arts festival-requires permission to install artwork at two local bus shelters.
Mary row and other locals said the discussions led to an agreement by the Commission that community houses would be responsible for the care and maintenance of shelters.
This is in line with the committee\'s community engagement policy, Bret Townsend said.
\"Whenever a shelter needs maintenance, it is managed on a house in the community,\" Townsend said . \".
So, what is all this?
One is that the liberal puppet behind the Council is not satisfied with refugee activities.
But the answer may be more bland.
The new glass bus shelters began to appear in Dandenongs, a type that vandals like to kick in.
Blair, row, and others now believe that the purpose of the raid is to destroy the existing shelters-actually owned by Victoria public transport, not by Parliament-and use a new unsecured shelter
On Friday night, after we texted six members to ask for a conversation, Judy Owen, mayor of Kardinia county, replied: \"I would like to suggest that the Council hold a meeting next week with the Emerald Community House to discuss these issues and develop a solution that is agreed upon by both parties.
\"One more good thing: Mary row plans to install cameras in nearby bushes, hand over evidence to the police, and ask offenders to be accused of vandalism. Awkward!
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