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Three-sided outdoor billboard advantage introduction


As a new type of advertising equipment, three-sided outdoor billboards have subverted traditional advertisements and made up for the shortcomings of traditional billboards. There are many advantages that traditional billboards can't be compared with beautiful ones. Now there are three outdoor billboards. Part of the advantages, a brief introduction:

1. beautiful and generous: three-sided outdoor billboards are not like traditional billboards. Because the three-sided outdoor billboards are made of aluminum alloy, under the baptism of nature, after three days, the three outdoor billboards can still maintain their original appearance. Deformation.

2. beautify the environment: a good three-sided outdoor billboard, not only can make the billboard beautiful, but also improve the aesthetics of the surrounding environment, because the three-sided outdoor billboard is made of all-aluminum alloy, it is a high-end product itself, but also a a symbol of identity.

3. the visual enjoyment: the display surface of the three-sided outdoor billboard is made up of a single aluminum alloy equilateral triangle line. According to reasonable parallel discharge, the micro-computer controls the operation of the motor to drive the parallel triangular prism. Turning, giving you a visual impact, let the pedestrians on the side of the road, can not help but stop the pace of the forward, stop to watch.

4. smooth and beautiful: three-sided outdoor billboards at the designated time, when the paintings are automatically changed, each of the triangular prisms will be flipped forward according to their respective order, just like the water of a small river, giving you a sense of fluidity.

5. Wind resistance: The display surface of the three-sided outdoor billboard is made of triangular prisms. In the case of stable foundation frame, it can resist typhoon above 12th grade.

YEROO-Three-sided outdoor billboard advantage introduction

6. Increase the visibility of the picture: The three-sided outdoor billboard is not like a traditional static advertisement. It is a living, soulful, and dynamic advertisement. It displays its own unique charm in a quiet motion. Impressing the customers around us, truly achieve the meaning of advertising.

7. The flatness of the picture: Since the picture of the three-sided outdoor billboard is made of outdoor adhesive, it is pasted on the triangular prism. It does not dance like the traditional advertising screen, and it gives people a dignity from beginning to end. Quiet, giving a gentle beauty.

8.The strong dynamics of the three-sided and three-sided outdoor billboards give people a huge visual impact and a strong eye-catching look.

9. three-sided outdoor billboards have two completely independent pictures based on the original billboard area, that is, a unique advantage of one change. Make better use of space and bring more substantial benefits to your business.

The fashion media of the 10th and 3rd outdoor billboards is complemented by a novel, atmospheric and beautiful frame and decoration. Especially the beautiful and elegant design, it can become a city landscape and become the focus of attention and human landscape in this area.

In order to provide customers with better service, the outdoor billboard manufacturer has further increased investment in science and technology innovation, set up a product innovation research and development team, and is committed to the R&D and manufacturing of the column advertising tower. The assembled advertising tower has lower requirements on the construction site, and is less restricted by weather conditions. The site only needs to be assembled with nuts, and the construction is more convenient and quick. Welcome to inquire.

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