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Three steps for the outdoor advertising player to clean the fuselage


In recent years, outdoor advertising players have been used by customers. Outdoor billboards have been slowly transformed from traditional static data advertising brands to dynamic intelligent advertising players. However, the cleaning of outdoor advertising machines has become a problem. Today, I will explain in detail the three cleaning steps of the outdoor advertising player:

YEROO-Three steps for the outdoor advertising player to clean the fuselage

1, power security

Before cleaning the outdoor advertising machine, first make sure that the power is turned off, creating unnecessary security risks.

2, clean the fuselage shell

Wipe clean with a cotton cloth dampened with cold water. The cleaning solution cannot be used here. This will cause the machine casing to lose its unique gloss when it is used in the factory. When the power switch is turned on the LCD, dry streaks appear on the display. It is caused by the data signal of the display card, which belongs to all normal problems. The problem can be handled according to the automatic or manual adjustment position.

3, clean up the LCD display

When cleaning the LCD display, it is best not to use wet water with excessive moisture content to prevent common faults such as LCD internal short-circuit faults caused by moisture entering the display. It is recommended to use optical cloth such as glasses cloth and lens paper to LCD display. Scrubbing, which prevents moisture from entering the LCD and is not easy to scratch the screen.

The three cleaning steps of the outdoor advertising player are introduced here in detail. YEROO is a manufacturer of liquid crystal display advertising players. The production and sales products include outdoor advertising players, LCD advertising players, and electronic class cards. Touch advertising player, Android one machine, elevator advertising player, multimedia teaching integrated machine, shoe-shoe advertising machine, car advertising player, LCD splicing screen and other industry products, to provide users with a full range of commercial display equipment perfect solution.

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