too many volunteers, not enough survivors

by:YEROO     2019-11-02
The second wave of injuries from the ruins of the World Trade Center never arrived at the hospital emergency room and the temporary triage center on Wednesday.
With the evacuation of the rescue center, hundreds of families saw photos of missing people in the bus shelters and conducted a fruitless investigation into the hospital.
Rescuers scattered throughout the city\'s command center were forced to reject dozens of volunteers who understood the tragedy by acting.
\"It\'s worse than anywhere,\" said Frank WIZO, a volunteer guarding the front door at Chelsea Pier, who has built the waterfront sports center at the emergency surgery center.
\"Because you thought you wanted to help, there was nothing to do.
\"By early Wednesday afternoon, Chelsea Pier had shrunk from 50 temporary operating rooms to 19,\" said Peter Abraham, a doctor working on the scene. At St.
Vincent\'s Manhattan hospital was the first to bear the brunt of the initial wave of injuries to the disaster, with only six firefighters admitted in the afternoon, bringing the total number of patients to 449, said Mark Ackerman, senior vice president of the hospital.
Another 700 families came to the hospital to find missing relatives who were not there.
\"I was told that this is just the tip of the iceberg,\" Ackerman said . \".
On Thursday morning, New York mayor Giuliani said the official number of missing people was 4,763.
Even if there are a large number of mourners, St.
Vincent said they were overwhelmed by Pastor volunteers.
They sent away at least 25 people as soon as they arrived at the hospital.
Diane Bonner, Saint.
Vincent told the volunteers that they could do more in their own communities and shelters.
Bonner said to the two Spaniards, \"you need to stand in the corner in front of the church . \"
Say sisters and priests. \"Not even that.
You need to turn a corner.
This has not started yet.
We don\'t need people here. I wish we did. \" The Rev.
James O\'Connell, the hospital\'s pastor, went to work an hour and a half in advance, not only to help, but also to get rid of his despair.
\"Home won\'t be much better,\" O\'Connell said at the end of the shift.
\"Pain will not disappear.
O\'Connell and other Catholic clergy are mourning for one of their own members.
O\'Connell said Judge Mychal, a French priest who served the New York fire department for about 20 years, died at the last ceremony when the second twin towers collapsed.
Outside the hospital, the family gathered in front of the TV camera, hoping to see photos of missing relatives on TV.
They put up leaflets on police barricades with names, important statistics and information such as \"missing: a World Trade Center on the 100 th floor.
\"On one occasion, a police officer named Sam Esposito was from St.
Vincent was wearing only one hospital dress and new clothes on his arms and legs.
Esposito, who works in Brooklyn, said he was off work in lower Manhattan when he heard the explosion.
A few minutes later, he found himself looking for damaged ground in the North Trade Center building.
\"When the first building collapsed, we didn\'t think the second building would collapse,\" he said . \".
He remembered cleaning up five people in their office and checking the day of the building --
To make sure it\'s empty.
Although he narrowly escaped the collapse of the building, he said there was an emotion that left him at a loss: \"You feel helpless.
You feel like you want to reach out, but you can\'t reach out.
\"Elsewhere in the West Village, thousands of people gathered on the sidewalk and did their best to cheer the police and fire engines on their way to the smoldering city center for trucks and bulldozers
Some hold wooden signs with messages like \"Heroes of New York\", \"safety\" and \"our best moments\" written on them.
After returning to the Chelsea Pier, the organizers shut out the volunteers with a megaphone, saying \"Tylenol, ice, towels and T-
Rescuers need shirts.
New Yorkers bring more, drop a box of bands
AIDS, bottled water and milk cases with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Jared Weinstein, 27, is one of the few people to find a place among the volunteers, who came all the way from Brooklyn to help.
\"I can\'t sit in front of the TV all day,\" he said as he helped sort out the donations.
\"I can\'t feel satisfied just by donating blood.
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