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by:YEROO     2019-10-15
\"Green\" has become something fashionable. It\'s cool. It\'s exciting.
But it doesn\'t really touch the family for most people.
It\'s easy to change a few bulbs into a CFL bulb, but it really feels like a daunting task to go further than this.
When it comes to green transportation, your choices may feel smaller than the rest of your life.
However, there is a choice of green transportation.
The first thing you should do is think about how you use your car now.
By simply changing the way you drive your car, you can make huge changes in the world around you.
You should try to use your car less and consider green traffic as much as possible.
If you can see what the car does to the environment, your car will hurt the environment, and the green transportation option is only worth a look.
From the beginning of production, the car began to affect the environment.
If you understand this, then it\'s easy to start looking for green transport options in your area.
Cars use limited elements and fast.
We are running out of metal on our planet.
We often think that they are there forever, but there is no endless supply, and there is no metal for the production of these two metals.
Cars purchased by 4 million people around the world last year were significant.
The United States also uses oil and other fossil fuels during car production.
This includes oil used to make plastic for automobiles, as well as electricity coal used to make cars.
Using cars can pollute water.
When we are driving on the road, we leave the particles that are later washed away by the rain.
These contaminants usually end up in the water, including wear and tear of oil, tires and other components, and even detergent.
Cars also emit all kinds of air pollution.
They increased ozone consumption and increased greenhouse gases.
All of these emissions caused global warming, smog and heavy rain, and caused the depletion of the ozone layer.
While the last thing a car does is not really an \"environment\" issue, it allows you to think about it.
Car exhaust has a direct impact on the health of the people around it.
It is often obvious that it causes discomfort such as the lungs, but it also causes brain damage.
What is important about green transportation options is that we find as many alternatives as possible.
However, many areas are not set up to facilitate a shift to green traffic, especially if you don\'t have a lot of money.
However, whenever possible, you should find as many solutions as you can that are useful to you.
Every point can help the Earth and the people who live in it. 1.
Walking doesn\'t seem like a great choice, especially if you\'re not feeling well.
However, you should figure out what the area you can walk to IS.
Start with a small circle and when you get healthier (
A great advantage of choosing some green transport options)
You can make it into a big circle.
You can walk at least two miles in the end.
You\'ll want to spend a little time choosing the best route to where you need to go, but in the end it may be well worth it and you can pick up some groceries, do something you may need to do and make a difference at the same time. 2.
Shared vehicle
You can share the rides in many ways.
Although it is still using contaminated cars, it reduces the number of cars on the road.
Carpooling allows more than one person to use one vehicle to reach the same location.
It\'s great for the staff who live near each other and the parents who take their children to school.
Carpooling is a place where you can rent a car in an hour.
These programs can usually pick up a car from a public transport route, drive it to where you need to go, and send it back to the same location when you\'re done.
This allows you to reduce the number of cars you use. 3.
Public transport-you should find any and all public transport options in your area.
You may be surprised at how easy it is to use the public transport system.
You should route out where you want to go, how you get there, etc, try to use the system as much as possible.
When you choose to use the pass monthly or multiple times, you can usually save money.
It should be noted that public transport itself is not really green, but it does reduce resources and pollution by using a car instead of one for everyone or small groups. Credit: Adam E.
Moreira, Wikipedia, CC by4.
Mass Transit-in a way similar to public transport, the choice of mass transit is not green in itself.
However, this is much better than driving yourself or driving around the country with your family.
Buses and trains are included.
Flying is a controversial topic.
Short trips are never a green option, and there are some arguments that it is very dangerous to release high-altitude gas.
When traveling under 1500 miles, you should save your flight time and choose different options. 5.
Cycling is another great way to reduce the use of cars.
You can get a lot of great accessories to turn your bike into a vehicle that can carry things.
You can also look into other types of loops that can help you get to your destination and ship what you need to ship.
There are tricycles and four wheelers, and even goods and children can be transported.
For more convenience, you can buy an electric auxiliary motor so it is easier from point A to Point B.
Credit: PRA, Wikipedia, CC by6.
Motorcycles-while one might argue that motorcycles might and should fall into the category of green cars, they don\'t seem to have the same omph as many green cars.
They came.
Nowadays, there are a variety of choices for scooters.
Electric scooters are a common choice.
It is true that they are not the perfect choice because coal and other fossil fuels will be burned for energy as long as they are charged online.
However, they are better than your car and you can connect them to the solar system if you want.
There are even online plans to convert electric scooters into solar scooters that can be charged in the parking lot. 7.
Many green cars are not the perfect choice.
However, they are moving in the right direction.
Low-emission cars, hybrids (
Using electricity and natural gas)
And electric cars.
The electric car is plugged in at home, so there is no perfect solution.
However, they are definitely better than driving any old car (or SUV)around town.
Nevertheless, many of these options are not the most affordable and do require significant investment.
Credit: KF6OAK (Richard Kelly)
Before making major infrastructure changes, many of these options are much more convenient than getting on the bus and on the road.
Hopefully in the future there will be more cities dedicated to better options for walking and cycling and towards better public transport.
This is not easy until then, but you will make a difference every time you choose the green transport option.
Step by step.
Also, many green options will allow you to move more, which is good for you and the environment.
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