tornado aftermath: questions aplenty in gatineau on saturday evening

by:YEROO     2019-08-15
Sara Sahouo has traveled to Ottawa before the senator.
In a season match with a friend in Canata, she stood there when it turned out to be a tornado passing through the Gatineau bus shelter.
Sahouo, 20, said: \"It should be an interesting Friday night I planned for my friend\'s birthday, but everything changed so fastyear-
An old student at the University of Ottawa.
When Sahouo waited for the bus on Jumonville Street, heavy rainfall and strong winds accelerated, and Jumonville Street was located in one of the areas most affected by the storm.
It was so powerful that she could not walk back to her house even if it was only a few steps away.
\"Everything around us started flying in the air, so I grabbed my friend and started screaming,\" Sahouo said . \".
\"When I saw the roof start to collapse, the trash can flying in the air and the trees break, I was sure we were going to die there,\" she said, \"I grabbed my friend tightly and screamed loudly.
When Sahouo hid in the bus shelter, she saw her 10-year-
Sister standing by the window of the unit where they live.
Sahouo said, \"she cried and called my name . . . . . . She looks scared . \".
I really thought we would fly away like everything around us.
\"The building where Sahouo lived with her family was blocked by police on Saturday, saying she didn\'t think she could go back.
\"I don\'t know where we\'re going to live or even how my sister will go to school on Monday.
All her school supplies and clothes are in the apartment.
This is an absolute disaster.
Johanna LaBelle, 54, is drinking coffee at a coffee shop near her home, after a tornado.
With the wind blowing, LaBelle realized it was really bad, so she decided to go back to George\'s apartment --Birodo Street
But when she arrived wet, it was too late, \"the roof of the apartment building where Labelle lived had collapsed.
A tree fell in the front yard and the window was smashed.
\"I feel very upset and I don\'t know what to do,\" she said . \".
\"I don\'t know where to go or even if I can get some of my stuff.
\"You heard these things on TV, but I never thought it would happen here . . . . . . It will be completely different when it happens to you.
When the storm hit, I only had the clothes on my back.
I don\'t have anything else . . . . . . It\'s all gone or stuck in my house and I can\'t go back.
\"Labelle was registered on Saturday at the Red Cross emergency shelter on the campus of CEGEP de l\'Outaouais Gabrielle Roy, where food, water and other needs were provided to displaced residents.
Labelle will be staying at Aylmer with her daughter, but she said she hopes she will return to her apartment as soon as possible to collect her belongings.
\"I just hope I can get home soon, but we really don\'t know. • St. Monique
Dennis sat alone at a table on the campus of CEGEP de l\'Outaouais Gabrielle Roy in Gatineau, where hundreds of people were sheltered.
\"I \'ve had so many panic attacks since they brought me here earlier today,\" 54-year-old.
\"I really want to go home. ”Saint-
When the storm struck the area, Dennis was in the living room on Radison Street, Gatineau.
\"All of a sudden, I saw the roof and debris flying in the air, and I was very scared . . . . . . I can\'t even describe it to you.
\"I get up, go to my bedroom, call my friend who used to work together and tell her what happened,\" she said . \".
\"She told me it was a tornado, not just a storm.
Currently, she says she plans to stay at the Red Cross shelter and says she has no other place to go.
\"Since I had a car accident a few years ago, I can\'t go anywhere without my walker, so I\'m really just here alone,\" Saint said . \"
Dennis was sitting in the main shelter.
\"What happened is absolutely terrible.
\"I feel sorry for everyone,\" she said . \".
She said she had received support from some medical staff at the shelter.
\"I was shaking all the time, so they asked to speak to me and they calmed me down a little.
\"I really need to go home . . . . . . I\'m too nervous here.
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