toronto street furniture designers roll out the bins to win

by:YEROO     2019-10-16
Proposals for the city\'s new \"street furniture\"-bins, benches, transportation shelters and newspaper boxes-have been released, and plans to require the launch of award-winning designs next spring.
Yesterday, the three companies involved in the bidding-Astral Media Outdoor, CBS Outdoor Canada and Clear Channel Outdoor Canada-had the opportunity to showcase their products.
The winner will place 25,000 pieces of street furniture on the sidewalk. (
Check out the concept and vote for your favorite. )
The six-person team of designer Jeremy Kramer spent three months designing two lines for Astral.
The TOstreetsmart 100 series includes a bus shelter similar to the one already on the street, but this version has solar energy
Low power lighting
Dazzling glass, more seats and thinner advertising displays.
\"Given that the city has 1,000 streets, it seems like a very viable direction for the city,\" Kramer said . \".
His bin has 1 feet pedals to open the flaps, the first sanitary concept in Madrid, but the first in North America.
He insisted that the bike rack was unbreakable, the bicycle locker, the public toilet (
The city is considering installing up to 20)
Information Center for Post, information pillar and newspaper box.
Paul Seaman, vice president of the company, said Clear Channel and its Toronto partners, including Zeidler Partner Architect and Rogers Communications, wanted to incorporate the tree theme into their models, particularly bus stops
President of real estate and public affairs.
\"Toronto is one of the few cities in North America with a large number of trees.
The city wants something iconic. . .
We want a theme that best reflects Toronto.
\"A representative of CBS Outdoor Canada couldn\'t be reached for comment.
The cost estimate for each proposal and the assessment of the three independent judges will be presented in the report to the city\'s executive committee next month.
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