toronto van tragedy bonds city in blood. but no one will say the word ‘terrorism’

by:YEROO     2019-08-23
A sneaker. A purse.
A small backpack. A cellphone.
Personal belongings are scattered on the road of a white van that is rambling and careful, and men on wheels who are madly killing people deliberately cut grass and pedestrians.
Heartbreaking artifact, now weapon attack vehicle. And the bodies.
My God, the body.
Two in the vicinity of a pharmacy south of Finch, one in Yonge and one in the vicinity of Empress view.
On a sunny spring afternoon in Toronto, a trail of blood and debris from Finch to Sheppard.
On this day, there were obvious random terrorist attacks in the city.
Any illusions about our distance from the dogs that wage war, from the boiling corners of the world full of hatred, buffering from the European capital, from the American metropolis that has caused chaos over the years --
The comforting idea died on Monday.
At least 10 people were killed in a mass murder, 15 were injured, ambulances rushed to the hospital, and the siren sounded.
An annoying day.
Read more: The sunny spring day turned into an unforgettable tragedy as the van driver killed 10 people, and hurt 15 of Alek Minassian, identified as 25, what we know and don\'t know about the collision of the van, how naive we are, in the Holocaust in manmannes, whistle at the cemetery, in Paris, in Orlando, in London, in Madrid, in Toulouse, in Barcelona, in Fort Istanbul, in Berlin, in the city of Stockholm, in Boston.
Keep moving forward in this new normal.
When it\'s not a gun and a makeshift bomb, it\'s a knife and an axe, and thousands of pounds of automotive steel.
Crowd, Christmas market, pop music concert, Subway.
When this is not a clash of civilized ideologies, nor is it a blasphemy against religion, it is the crazy act of a illusory shooter waving with aggressive weapons --
Vegas, parkland, Sandy Hook.
Crazy, fascinated, or mentally ill.
How can you screen out the difference again?
On Monday, the fear rose on Toronto\'s hind legs and walked down the sidewalk along the city\'s main artery, the beating core of northern New York.
Around 1: 10, the bedspread began. m.
Truck racing helicopter-
Slide, crash into bus shelters and fire hydrants, mailboxes and benches, but most of the time, install curb and death, according to shocked witnesses
Target people.
Young people, including students.
The old man was basking in the rare April s.
A few hours later, in the horrible scene on the villain\'s route, the lifeless bodies were still lying on the ground and the tarps were thrown on them.
How many terrible families can\'t reach the loved ones, they must have searched for photos of the victims, trying to recognize the shoes, the hoodie and the extended arms.
Please don\'t let it be, don\'t let it be . . . . . . Countless people who saw it unfold, from TTC bus drivers who issued the first alarm, for other drivers who slammed on the brakes in order to avoid colliding with unstable vans, and dozens of people jumping off their cars running for their lives.
\"I thought someone had a heart attack,\" a driver who found himself close to the van told cp24 . \". “Oh my God.
Oh, my . . . . . . This is not a heart attack.
This man did it on purpose. he killed everyone.
I\'m getting sick . . . . . . I stopped at the Queen and he was continuing . . . . . . One by one, all the way to Yongji and Sheppard, I saw someone hit and they fell one by one.
A crumpled old lady
I saw a stroller flying around in the air.
Ah, I can\'t believe it. Oh my God.
The most terrible thing is that a woman\'s legs are full of blood. Ah man, ah man.
Another bystander: \"There is no distinction.
He\'s the one he can play.
He\'s hitting innocent people.
\"Another driver said he actually caught a glimpse of the suspect through the window.
\"He looks very angry.
But he looked scared, too.
The man admitted to reporters that he blamed himself for not hitting the vehicle when he had a chance.
\"I regret not doing so.
I\'m not sure if this is legal.
But if I can stop him, I hope I can stop him.
Screaming, chaos, broken rain of glass.
Some rushed to CPR, while others stood in place with fear.
Because you never know how you will react, and God wants you never to know.
At the sennybrook Health Science Center, which suffered 10 casualties, one victim was declared DOA;
Others were rushed to surgery.
Those who were in the hospital for their own cause were caught in trauma and upset by what they saw in front of them --
In an emergency, damaged bodies and doctors worked frantically for them.
John Flengas, acting director of EMS, said the lucky man was broken.
\"I have never seen such a thing in this job for nearly 21 years.
\"Read more: After how Van ramperger helped the victims of Toronto\'s deadly van clast, the safety of the whole city has been strengthened.
Almost no one thought it happened to them.
This is the only way out when there is no time to win.
We believe in the sheer size of national security and intelligence-sharing agencies, but the only attacker who keeps slipping away is almost inevitable.
This painful and radical man has never even appeared on radar.
The creator of mental disorder
Crazy monster
Angry young people who hate women
Of course, over time, there was no elected official and no senior police officer allowed the word \"terrorism\" to appear on their lips.
Not Mayor John Tory, not the acting chief of police. (
Federal Public Safety Minister Ralph Guir said on Monday night: \"The incident that happened on the streets behind us was terrible, but it didn\'t seem to have any connection to national security. ”)
The Tories quickly entered the next stage, reminding people that Canada was appreciated for its peaceful multicultural nature. Know what?
We don\'t need a reminder, just as we collectively mourn the murder of the Cpl.
Nathan silillo was at the National War Memorial in Ottawa in 2014, as well as the horrific mass shooting of Muslims at the Islamic Cultural Center in Quebec City last year.
Of course, there are condolences and guarantees. But mealy-mouthed non-speak.
Not even death.
A cult without jihadist or political information is terrorism.
\"From my point of view, it was a terrorist attack,\" said the young man who wanted himself to crash the van.
The motive may be unknown, the suspect\'s ideology has not been clarified, and if it exists, the suspect may so far be just another male who has been rejected by a woman --
Twitter chatter
Vent his discontent with the innocent.
But we saw the video on the phone.
A very calm policeman, standing just a few feet away from the suspect, whose shabby van stopped near Sheppard, stretched out his arm and stiff, holding something in your hand that might be a gun. (
It\'s obviously a mobile phone, but it\'s waving like a gun. )“SHOOT ME! SHOOT ME! KILL ME! ” he yelled.
All the fingerprints of police suicide
But the police did not shoot, and the suspect knelt down and threw his arms into the air. The cop de-
Upgraded the plot, moved in and grabbed the suspect and handcuffed him.
On the day of many heroes, the brave police and many first aid workers, carers and hospital resources reached their limits.
Read more: \"The police deserve a medal\": Toronto officials praised him for his calm response in a tense standoff with van suspectNo, except that the officer was a 32 th Division
Because this is a country different from the United States. S.
Falling behind in publishing any information
Mike McCormack, chairman of the Toronto Police Association, told reporters: \"He was shocked by the whole thing and was shocked by the degree . \".
\"He said, \'You know, I\'m just doing my job.
I want to arrest this man.
Police named the suspect Alek Minassian, 25, who was detained.
The forensic team is now faced with a daunting task of dealing with a two-kilometer crime scene, with countless impact points to rebuild with careful selection of evidence, insane attacks, and the old Ryder van.
For one block after another, the police are shaking and comforting the wounded, frightened --
Children without wisdom, elderly people, businessmen who go out cautiously.
We are often described as colds.
Neighbors are the shoulder cities of strangers.
But we are now, as before, united in bloodshed and tragedy.
April 23, 2018: a day full of shame of death and disability.
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