transit bus shelters damaged in widespread rash of vandalism

by:YEROO     2019-11-18
Police and bus officials are investigating damaged bus shelters across the city early Wednesday.
Lovin Anderson, spokesman for Edmonton\'s transportation services, said Wednesday that as many as 38 bus shelters in southwest Edmonton had broken windows.
\"This was first reported by an off-site person.
Peace officer on dutym. (
Wednesday morning),” he said.
Most of the destroyed bus shelters are located in the communities of Rutherford, Callahan, mcwan, Twin Brooks, dugen and Terwillegar.
At this point, Anderson said, the metal infrastructure of the shelter did not appear to have been damaged at all.
\"This is irrational behavior, there is no reasonable explanation,\" he said . \"
Affected bus shelters have been blocked with yellow warning bands to ensure the safety of customers, staff are currently working on
Clean glass on site.
Due to a large number of damaged bus shelters, ETS expects the damaged window glass to not be repaired until early next week.
The replacement cost per window glass is approximately $500, including Labor, installation and window costs.
\"At this time, we don\'t know the exact amount of window glass broken, so our best estimate at the moment is the total loss of $20,000,\" he said . \".
Edmonton police said only three incidents had been officially reported to Edmonton police as of Wednesday night.
Two of these incidents occurred on June 21, near rhatgan Ridge near Rabbit mountain road and river Bay Road.
June 25 in Rideau Park near 4007 Street 108, another with public bus shelter deliberately damage event.
\"No suspects are currently found in these incidents,\" he said . \".
However, he said the city has made police aware of several other incidents that occurred earlier Wednesday and are under investigation.
In October 2016, 70 bus shelters were demolished, resulting in an estimated loss of $30,000.
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