translink buses wrapped in chinese language ads cause a stir in richmond

by:YEROO     2019-10-13
Some TransLink buses in the Lower Mainland were picked out for advertising in Chinese.
Some Richmond residents are unhappy that TransLink does not require advertisements to be expressed in English or French.
A resident of Kerry Starchuk said she found most of the Chinese public in Vancouver, Richmondand ladnerwith
\"Our population in Richmond is Chinese, but what about the others who live here? \"said Starchuk.
\"I would like to see an English advertisement first, then any other language they want,\" said Richmond resident Michelle Mitchell . \".
But according to a spokesman for TransLink, in B. C.
This requires either of Canada\'s two official languages.
On this basis, they say that TransLink has no authority to reject ads in any language, and that as long as it complies with its advertising guidelines, there is no restriction on which language to use.
This is absolutely shameful. . .
BC needs a language law to end this nonsense.
I can\'t do this alone.
I need a professional team to help.
This photo was taken on the Steveston highway in Richmond. pic. twitter.
Freedom of speech for Com/7pvgauP6yM bus advertising has been requesting TransLink and the full City Council to require at least half of bus advertising to use the official language of Canada.
\"There will be tension in doing such things.
\"This creates differences,\" Starchuk said . \".
\"We have to be able to share a common language with each other,\" Starchuk said . \".
In the past, TransLink has changed its advertising policy.
When the company refused to post political advertising on the side of the bus in 2009, the company\'s previous advertising policy was challenged. Israel-
The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that some of the policies prohibiting advertising violated the complainant\'s right to freedom of expression.
A TransLink spokesperson said that due to this legal precedent, the company expects that it will face similar challenges and results if it changes its advertising policy and limits what language can be used on signage.
Translinkage says it will continue to allow Chinese advertisements to be broadcast on buses unless the province or municipality has passed laws that guide this change.
According to a background document from the Library of Parliament, B. C.
Is the only province or region that does not have a legislative policy or regulatory framework to recognize the official language. Chinese-
Meanwhile, the city of Oman says it needs-by contract —
At least half of the advertisements on bus shelters are in English, and buses stand within the jurisdiction of translink.
Aspokesperson of the province says there is no provincial legislation to govern TransLink\'s language policy.
As for Starchuk, Richmond\'s new signature charter proposed language restrictions, and she said she wanted to stop the matter, but that would require the province to take the initiative to implement a language law, provide better guidance for British columnians.
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