trickster full of engaging characters

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Alfred A.
Canada Knopf \"liar. noun 1. A deceiver; cheat; fraud. 2.
People who play tricks. 3.
Supernatural characters appearing in various forms and usually engaged in prank activities are important in the folklore and mythology of many primitive peoples . . . . . . \"-
English dictionary of Random House, the second edition is not deleted.
Because about 2017 should read \"myths of many different nationalities \".
The original is relative, especially now.
The concept of a liar must exist in B. C.
The culture and knowledge of the first nation.
Scammers can pose many disguises, but the most common is the shape of a crow or Crow.
It is evident from the title that in the new novel by the Giller award finalists and Eden Robinson, the winner of the Ethel Wilson novel award, the scammer appears impressively.
The story happened at Kitimat in Area B, Northwest. C.
Population 8,000. Sixteen-year-
Old Jared Martin, a \"random town native\" he described, rather than someone who lives in the nearby Kitamaat Reserve, is at the center of the story.
His mother never liked him.
It was the first time she claimed he was a liar before he was five.
As a result, his mother is alienated from her mother and her \"old school trash\" and they have never reconciled.
Jared\'s mother is a job in itself.
She was the age when Jared was born.
After divorcing her father, she established a \"bounce\" relationship with a man who removed his tendency to violence against Jared and sent him to hospital.
Jared\'s mother went after him with a nail gun.
Then she met drug dealer rich.
Time crime and settle down the life of drugs and alcohol.
She even gave Jared a gun she stole, a Smith and Weisen revolver because she felt he should have one.
She has been repeatedly charged with serious personal attacks and has been subject to compulsory anger management.
But her love for her son is strong and infinite.
She shared six packs with Jared in his basement and they drank vodka together.
\"The world is tough and you need to work harder,\" she told him . \".
This sentence became a chorus in the novel.
Meanwhile, his father has moved to the terrace an hour away.
He was injured, unable to work, and received a small disability allowance.
The fate of his new wife\'s pregnant daughter lives with them.
She\'s no bigger than Jerry.
She gave birth to a child, but her father was gone.
It turned out that he was married. His wife just had her own child.
Jared found himself working as a nanny.
Jared\'s father, along with his bride and good boy Jared, became addicted to meth and paid his father\'s rent from his paper route money and his own baked cannabis biscuit sales income.
He did not want to see his father and stepmother homeless.
He\'s cookie brother\"
\"He helped the neighbor Mrs. Jaks, a native but married a Czech man with dementia.
The couple has a granddaughter who lives with them. she is almost the same size as Jared.
She continued to eat the magic mushroom ice and developed a bad habit of cutting grass.
Looks like she may have fallen in love with Jared.
Tactfully, this is a painful environment for a child to grow up, but the tone is light and important --of-fact.
The most vivid details are adult dysfunction and youth confusion.
Everyone can\'t walk fast.
Jared is sensitive and smart.
He studied hard at school, but he was worried.
He really wanted to be in grade 10, but with all the black people
The party and the strange and illusion that he wasn\'t sure he could do it.
One day, he lost consciousness in a drug attack. off. Is he ? A trickster?
There are some dark things in his estate that he knows little about.
A crow spoke to him at the bus shelter, and he put it in the jar he had taken in, and it must have been added with psychedelic medicine. He hates acid.
This is a fascinating novel. the characters in the novel are lifelike.
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