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by:YEROO     2019-08-18
Peter Fray reports from London on 176 of the chaos network. year-
The old conservative magazine is now referred to as Sextator by tabloids.
The special edition of the audience magazine holiday is carefully presented for readers
Page guide for Victorian Christmas.
There are delightful periods of humility (admirable), burglary (increasing)
Beating his wife (deplorable)
But the greatest quality of the Victorian era: Pollard.
This is probably the same.
While the reputation of current affairs weekly may be upright and conservative, it is the central stage of a moral drama that is being staged, and even surprised by scandals --
Rich Britain, for the public reputation of a successful woman, spent the work of two MPs without doing anything.
Not to mention the more serious problems of the unborn child and the father of the two childrenyear-
His future seems to have been tarnished by the public.
Along the way, 176-year-
Old audience, in-
A delightful newspaper in the UK renamed house mag, a small and big \"c\" conservative, as Sextator, active participant, and rabbit weekly.
For many, the fusion of events is confusing because it is vivid.
An average audience contributor who did not want to be named told TIME this week: \"I think there will be all sorts of things happening if you look at any publication.
So many things have happened.
This is not your expectation of what is called conservative publications.
I can\'t explain it. It is very odd.
In this strange and continuous story
Serious consequences)
The problem is not where it will stop (
Because no one knows.
Where to start.
A 44-year-old deputy editor, Rod Riddle, who started playing in the summer of the UK, left his wife to Alicia Moncton, the magazine\'s then receptionist, he is more than 20 years younger than him.
The wronged wife Rachel Royce, a journalist, immediately described his adultery to the world in detail and admitted that he had become a \"rabbit boiler\"
She sent 10 bags of feces to the magazine)
And attacked him in a national newspaper\'s \"divorce Diary\" column.
It is reported that Liddle called her \"complete slut and slat terns \".
He also claimed that Royce started his relationship a week after they got married.
But this is just the beginning.
Over time, the magazine\'s editor, 40-year-old Boris de Feifer Johnson, and 44-year-old publisher Kimberly Quinn are embroiled in a sex scandal that is more appropriate for Britain\'s infamous Sunday tabloid.
In fact, they are coming and going to make these tabloids profitable for weeks in a row.
First of all, Johnson, a former Tory MP and father of four children, his cheeky looks, beautiful hair and appearance on the BBC News Quiz, I have word for you to make him a Conservative poster boy.
He first described what he had said earlier last month, that he had an affair with his companion\'s daughter, pedronella Wyatt, a columnist for The Strange Life of onlookers, as an \"inverted pyramid \".
It turned out to be a big mistake.
Accepting Johnson\'s denial for the first time in apparent value, Conservative leader Michael Howard said he had no choice but to fire Johnson from the front bench, because he got indisputable evidence from Sunday\'s newspaper that the pyramid was far from falling.
In fact, these allegations are true.
In an effort to turn the unfortunate situation around to Wyatt\'s mother, Mrs. Johnson velusca Wyatt, she revealed that her dear daughter had aborted his child after realizing that Johnson would not leave his wife and build a mansion.
If Johnson is Princess Diana\'s lover
As far as we know, he never
He will be labeled cad or worse.
Instead, senior colleagues and Labor opponents praised his abilities and predicted that he would come back.
His strongest supporters include former Tory minister Edwin Curry, who admitted two years ago to having an affair with former Prime Minister John Major, shocked the world, even though before he was elected10.
She criticized Howard for daring to ask Johnson about his private life.
\"When it comes to personal matters, as long as it doesn\'t interfere with the way the individual works, he can be forgiven,\" she told BBC radio . \".
\"Politicians are people.
Why not give him a slap in the face and say, \"Boris, do it carefully, no matter what you do.
But, as noted by Howard\'s office, Johnson\'s crime was not a betrayal of his wife.
This is clearly a less excusable crime of lying to his leader, and therefore embarrasses him in public.
But Johnson\'s fate seems to have passed.
Kimberly Quinn, his boss and publisher (
She also used the name Fortier in her first marriage)
Her former lover, former home secretary of the United Kingdom, David brunkett, 57.
Since the independent investigation, he has resigned by claiming that his private office was involved in speeding up the visa for Quinn\'s Filipino nanny, Leoncia cassalme.
The report found that \"a chain of events\" linked him to the acceleration of the visa, although it failed to conclude whether brenckett had ordered the visa in person.
The report plunged him into political purgatory;
His relationship with Quinn has had a similar effect on the emotional level.
Quinn and brunkett are now in a fierce battle for parenting and contact with her two children. year-
Old son William, he believed he was the result of the three of them. year affair.
He may also be the father of the child she will have next year.
Whatever it turns out to be true, Quinn-
The brenckett incident ended the political year with a low profile from the Blair government, and assured that the onlookers, which sold about 64,000 copies a week, are still known for their extra advantages.
Release activities.
Like Johnson before him, brunkett went back to the front line.
Without encouragement, line politics is being widely predicted.
According to the Daily Mail, Blair resigned on the same day to ask for reinstatement.
This is his tough policy on law, order and immigration.
About three years ago, Quinn met brunkett at a dinner party. About three months ago, she married her husband Stephen, 60, who is the British version of Vogue.
We know this, because in his recent comments on brenckett\'s new biography, he made some careless comments about his Cabinet colleagues at the time, colleague of diner Petronella Wyatt \"I had Dover soles with Mr brenckett.
Mr. brunkett was eaten by futier MS. \"Grubby, yes. Accurate, yes.
But Quinn doesn\'t seem to be one or two-
A man is a girl.
At the same time, she also had an affair with Simon Hoggart, a married father of two children and a wine columnist for onlookers.
His daily job is to work as a sketch writer in Parliament with the left.
Guardian of tilt
He first vehemently denied it, and then changed his attitude after talking to his Guardian colleagues.
\"We did have sex before she got married, but then it became very rare.
I can\'t be the father of her child.
\"He declined to say exactly when the matter ended and how he determined he was not the father of the child.
Hoggart\'s job is to make fun of politicians who have closed the shop on this, but when asked by age to confirm his age (
After his own paper and this paper erroneously reported 57; he is 58)
He lamented how his 30-pillar fame spread. \"Great -
\"Australia will also know,\" he said . \"
This week\'s incident also brought him closer to branckett.
In his last draft of the Guardian this year, Hoggart noted that the former minister was sitting in the back seat \"looking painful, but surrounded by friends.
I can understand that.
How will these things leave the ambitious Americans
Everyone guessed her magazine \"born Quinn\" and her future prospects.
Her role is now severely tarnished by the open and private, rumors of her relationship with the two prominent broadcasters keep circulating, each of whom is a pillar of the media establishment, this is the case every time she gets married.
But she also has a strong and open media ally, the most important of which is the spectator.
It recently used an editorial to accuse brunkett of overcoming blindness and early poverty and becoming Britain\'s most-
Honorable member, revealed details of his relationship with her to the News of the world in August.
\"When she decided to stay with her husband, brunkett\'s reaction was like a teenage girl who found her desires surrounded by others in the school bus shelter.
He denied that he was the source.
Brenckett, the divorced father of three adult boys, has now paid the political and personal price, but what will Quinn pay?
Is the court going to expose brenckett to the two men? year-
Is he referring to \"little guy \"?
Despite her success in raising her income and circulation, is her time in the audience over?
As has been speculated in recent days, will she return to her home country, the United States?
No one knows yet.
Howard recently called the audience political Viagra.
But, over time, it seems that the better drug analogy is poison pills.
If it does, it\'s hard to know where it will end.
In the past, the audience showed an interesting side that was willing to see public exposure.
Its restaurant critic Deborah Rose noted in a recent article that \"I still haven\'t had sex with anyone in the audience \".
But that\'s inBoris and pre-
Before the magazine\'s publisher was called a serial traitor.
This is before a respected political magazine becomes a porn review.
What will Victorian people do?
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