two border cities share russian history — and a sharp european divide

by:YEROO     2019-11-05
Ivan Gorod, Russia
The Russian town of Ivan Gorod is not far from the Estonian twin town of Nava, but it is a rather narrow river.
A huge cultural gap.
If more evidence is needed, when the EU decides to give these two Russians
The idea of saying the town\'s money to build a promenade by the river is to promote cross
Border harmony and tourism.
When the work was completed, Narva, which received about $830,000, had a promenade, almost eight times that of the one built at Ivangorod, which received nearly $1. 2 million.
What is the reason for the difference?
Officials at Ivangorod say the terrain is challenging.
Those of Narva said systemic problems
It may also be a bit corrupt.
\"There is a different world,\" said Sergei Stepanov, former longtime editor of Russian Narvskaya Gazeta.
The language newspaper of Narva.
\"You can see and feel the difference as soon as you cross the bridge --
Road, bureaucracy, mentality.
He added that the reason why Ivangorod was able to get a much smaller promenade with so much money was \"almost certainly\" the result of corruption.
Mayor of Ivangorod, former federal security officer Victor Karpenko (Viktor Karpenko)S. B.
The Russian domestic security department said the difference was due to difficult terrain and legal restrictions on the Russian side --not corruption.
\"On our side, everything is much more complicated than there . \"Karpenko said.
The Nava population is about 60,000 and the number of residents is five times that of Ivan Gorod, so greater and better facilities --
Modern Hospital, swimming pool, shopping center, new university and free WiFi.
There is Fi access in most parts of town.
Although a municipal swimming pool is being built in the Russian town, all of these facilities are not in Ivangorod.
The average monthly salary there is about $500, which is only half of Narva\'s.
The pension gap is even greater.
Leonid perrisev, a Russian who coached Narva schoolchildren in a chess match, said many of his fellow Russians
Speakers in the town of Estonia watched Russian state television and supported Russian President Vladimir V on an emotional level. Putin.
But he added that none of the people he knew wanted to live in Russia.
\"We are all Russians, but we have different mentality,\" he said . \"
\"We are used to the European way.
The Nava youth center where he teaches chess has three
A heated room was reserved for the player.
Enthusiasts across the Ivangorod River, mostly retirees, gather in a sports center to provide a small and cold room three times a week for the chess club run by the Soviet Veterans Association.
Ivangorod has seen some improvements.
Just a few years ago, the city looked like a shipwreck with very little hot water and no sewage treatment.
This is no longer the case.
But recently, Russia\'s budget has been squeezed due to falling energy prices, and funds have basically stopped.
In Ivangorod, in addition to the fort built in 1492, the biggest attraction in town is the newly renovated Trinity Church, a group of charming spires and spires by the lake.
It was in ruins during the Soviet era, but it was heavily renovated with Russian national railway company money.
The church, as well as the fort and various museums, makes Ivangorod an attractive tourist destination.
But it is not easy for them to come: Russian law and its Security Agency have banned all visitors from using Ivangorod, except for the most determined tourists.
All Russians who live outside the border area and any foreigner who wants to visit must submit a written application in Russian and obtain permission from the F Leningrad Regional DivisionS. B.
Inherited the Soviet Union. era K. G. B.
It took a reporter from The New York Times two applications and four months to get the required permit to stay at Ivangorod.
Svetlana Valishvili edited Ivangorod\'s only newspaper, who teaches at a school and runs a center to help small businesses, she said, over the years, she has been trying to get foreigners to visit her town and invest there, but is frustrated by the admission restrictions.
Mr. Mayor of Ivangorod.
Karpenko admitted that the town was listed as a border exclusion zone \"does not help us to develop tourism \".
\"This puts the town at a clear disadvantage for Narva, which also has forts and museums but is open to tourists living in Estonia or abroad.
Red tape and other complex factors have also hindered reconstruction efforts.
Long awaited is the reopening of a bridge between Ivangorod and Narva, which has been closed since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and has turned a city into two
Sidewalks, vital to the revival of an abandoned Ivangorod district, filled with 19th-century ruins
Century architecture should have been opened last year. But a state-
A Russian company contracted to build a customs building on the Russian side failed to complete the work.
Other plans to boost Ivangorod\'s wealth also failed, including the EU --
The project was funded and could have opened a shuttle service to Narawa.
After the Russian town asked for $4 million to build a bus stop, the project was abandoned, while Narva, with higher wages and more expensive construction materials, asked for $1 million to build a bus shelter.
It is difficult for Russia to control the budget and work schedule, which helps to create the biggest or at least the most obvious difference between Ivan Gorod and Estonia\'s neighbors: their infrastructure status.
The streets on Estonia are generally clean and clean.
It was fixed, and at Ivangorod, many were scarred by potholes and leaves and other debris scattered in the fall.
Every town has a lot of ugly Soviet descent.
Apartment buildings of the times, but when those at Ivangorod showed their age, Narva\'s buildings were given face-to-face --
Most of the weeds and rubbish were removed.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, every part of the divided city took its own path and struggled in the same economic disaster as the Soviet Union --
The factory went bankrupt.
A large textile factory in Narawa has fired more than 10,000 workers, while printing and other manufacturers have closed down at Ivangorod.
Public discontent has become so severe that calls have been made on both sides of the river to redraw the border and make the city complete again.
Yuri Gordeyev, an opposition member of the Ivangorod local committee, collected the signatures of the petition and asked Estonia to join the Russian city.
This effort began under the leadership of President Boris N in the 1990 s.
Yeltsin, when Mr. Yeltsin
Gordeyev died of a heart attack and Ivangorod in 2012-
Noisy local politics gives way to a new era of lock
Loyalty to Mr. Putin.
When Russia occupied Crimea in 2014 and began to incite separatist unrest in eastern Ukraine, the capital of Western countries was generally worried that Narva could also fall victim to Russian terrorist propaganda, just as Ukrainian Russian soldiers and agents disguised as local activists turned over separatists
Tarmo Tammiste, mayor of Narva, recalled that when he traveled abroad, he was often asked if the next one would be Narva.
\"Narva is not next and will never be,\" he said . \".
\"The Russians here do not want to return to their motherland.
\"Some people are building new houses across the border, but most of them are Russian citizens, buying properties in Estonia or as an investment, either as a way to get better health care from Narva and the security provided by the EU, Estonia is one of them.
Aleksandr Bogens, head of a real estate company in Narva, said Narva-
Joesuu is a resort near the Baltic Sea and buyers buy it from Russia.
Even the firm Russian patriots in Narva acknowledged that despite their support
Putin and their anger at the Estonian citizenship rules, which they say discriminate against Russian speakers, do not want to move over the river to Ivan Gorod.
\"It\'s not even a town --
It\'s just a road or two, \"laughed Vladimir Petrov, the leader of the Russian civil union, who lobbied on behalf of Russians living in Narva.
\"Of course, it\'s better in Nava than in Ivan Gorod.
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