ubc students want to build and study effectiveness of \'tree canopy\' bus shelters

by:YEROO     2019-11-20
Students at the University of British Columbia want to build a bus shelter with environmental benefits.
Tabinda Shah final
She and several other students are working to build a \"canopy bus shelter\" that can not only shelter from the rain while people wait for a ride, but also help the environment.
She said in an email: \"The purpose of the project is to bring eco-conscious infrastructure into dense urban areas by maximizing the opportunities of green infrastructure in small spaces.
The roof or shelter will be made of treated wood that can withstand various factors and accommodate a layer of hard juicy plants that can not only thrive in the rain, it can also thrive in dry months.
Excess water flowing out of the roof will flow into the ground, charging the water level in the ground.
Students are crowdfunding for the project and want to build at least three bus shelters to measure their effectiveness.
Shah said the cost of each shelter is about $50,000, and the team hopes to build a prototype shelter sometime next year.
Daniel Roher, associate professor at UBC, said that while the team has no arrangements with the City of Vancouver or transit agencies, they do have permission to build three buildings within the campus of Columbia University in the UK.
Vancouver is a very walkable city, Shah said, but due to the lack of rain-proof pedestrian access, few people are willing to walk in the winter.
\"As a city forestry student, I want to bring a multi-faceted solution to the table that can not only increase the walking capacity of the city, but also create living space,\" she said: \"It\'s a more sustainable city of rain water management and biophilic. \".
There are many green roofs in Vancouver, but most of them need irrigation, so one of the main design goals of these canopy bus shelters is that they will be their own, said rohullsufficient.
Rohull and Shah are working in shelters with other students from different disciplines.
\"We have flow devices to measure the rainwater runoff on these roofs and their effectiveness,\" said Roehr . \".
\"We want to monitor it.
If it works, we can use it throughout the city.
We can use it at all bus stops.
Shah said it would be the first bus shelter to measure the amount of rain runoff.
She added that these bus shelters are important because they are another step in the fight against climate change.
She said the prototype and research will help to prove whether it is worth making a bigger investment in such an idea.
\"We want to build prototypes at the Westbrook Mall at the University of BC, but in an ideal world, we want these prototypes to be spread all over Vancouver\'s urban street network, Shah said.
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