uber\'s surge pricing is a rip-off, says gett

by:YEROO     2019-09-26
Ask Gett, one of its competitors, the answer is bold \"yes \".
Gett will launch its first major event in New York City on Monday. Its beef?
Uber\'s prices have soared.
Unlike Uber and Lyft, Gett does not raise prices during periods of high demand-
A policy called soaring pricing.
In New York, Gett charges a flat fee of $10 no matter what time of day.
A new ad from Gett wrote: \"The competitor we should not name is ü ber, which is cheating you . \".
Gett was launched in Israel in 2011 and has been operating in Manhattan (its only U. S. market)
From September 2013
Related: Uber is the most valuable start-up in the world, \"there is no need to surge,\" says Shahar Weiser, founder and CEO of Gett . \".
\"We have found that there is such a surge in fatigue.
Instead of making money through fast pricing, Gett creates most of the revenue through partnerships.
Waiser told CNNMoney that it currently works with half of Fortune 500 companies that use Gett to book rides for employees. (
Uber also has direct accessto-
Business services, business Uber. )
According to Waiser, the company has deposited $0. 207 billion in banks and is expected to generate $0. 5 billion in revenue this year.
The company is growing at 300%, he said. over-
Of its 50 international markets, 24 are profitable.
Gett plans to use the money to expand its customer base in New York City.
Related report: The new advertising campaign of Gett in the use of Youbu in business travelers will put 500 advertisements in Manhattan-
In telephone booths, buildings, elevators, new stands, bus shelters and bathrooms.
Advertising is radical (
\"Subjectively, we are better than good. \")yet playful (
\"The only surge we have is never to be late. \").
Waiser declined to say how much Gett spent on the campaign, but said \"not as much as you think \".
\"Its mission is to attract urban residents ---
Customer and driver.
Gett currently has 2,000 drivers-
This is not enough to meet demand, Waiser said.
He added that Gett paid the driver more money per minute than it did, and the driver kept a tip of 100%.
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