Unique waterproof seepage water craft highway toll booths

by:YEROO     2020-03-23
Toll booths, including single and double to toll booths, stainless steel tollbooths, double entry toll booths, caigang toll booths, etc. YiLong highway toll booths adopts the unique waterproof waterproof technology, ceiling is made of the integration of forming waterproof cover, heat preservation and heat insulation wall design, structure is firm and durable. A, commonly used specifications ( Wide & times; Long & times; High) :1500报; 2500× 2500毫米,1500报; 4500× Two-way booth 2500 mm length can be customized according to demand. Caigang highway toll booths, One-way) Second, material and process description 1, columns and framework: SU304 stainless steel plate bending, a special process of welding and become, firm structure, not leak 2, wall structure: box of waterproof wall structure using skill patent technology molding, built-in strike skeleton, built-in moistureproof, heat insulation cotton, metope USES the stainless steel frosted panel, metope USES color ivory white steel, the overall structure has the characteristics of stable structure, resistance to impact. 3, sentry box ceiling: molding production integration with structural waterproof technology waterproof cover, independent hidden type drainage system, has the effect that protect the box surface clean, without any glass glue or sealant, completely solve the glass glue or sealant heat bilges cold shrink caused by leakage faults. Using aluminum ceiling luxury smallpox condole top, built-in moistureproof, heat insulation cotton, make the top heat cannot spread to inside the box, there are beautiful adiabatic effect. 5, window materials: the car window, or slipping sliding sash around, U cover are installed on the form. 6, toll booths floor: the floor at the bottom of the steel frame structure, adopting GUZO card 30 & times; To prevent slippery floor 30 cm; Permanent and durable structure, once and for all. Three, general configuration: lighting, power sockets, leakage protection switch, 2. 5 square gb wire dark walking circuit, 304 stainless steel plate workbench and drawers. Five, the product warranty: our company commitment to product warranty for one year, unless it is man-made damage or disaster. Stainless steel highway toll booths ( One-way)
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