university- queen reopens after suv crash

by:YEROO     2019-08-23
A serious crash occurred last night, injuring four people, one of whom was seriously injured. this morning, an important city intersection reopened.
The accident happened around 8: 00 in the evening. m.
When a speeding SUV fled the police on a bicycle, it crashed into two cars and a bus shelter, pinning a woman between the front grille of the stolen Chevrolet Trailblazer, A steel pole on University Avenue and a large metal traffic light. and Queen St.
Only her legs are seen under twisted metal.
The university reopened before 8 in the morning. m.
The Queen opens a lane in two directions.
Queen Street 501
However, the tram is now running in both directions and delays are expected.
The incident took place in front of incredible passers-by on busy streets, with three men running away from the SUV and $20 bills scattered as they went to college.
A few minutes later, police arrested a suspect, and about 90 minutes later, two more suspects were found hiding at a construction site near Nelson and Duncan Sts.
\"It was a terrible crash,\" said Greg Jones, who was driving south in college when he saw the Trail Blazers racing through red lights and crashes.
Jones went out, and in college, he ran behind the suspect as the money floated in the wind.
When he could not see the suspect, he returned to the scene, collected a $20 bill worth about $500, and found a BlackBerry that might have been discarded by the suspect.
Jones, who worked in the film production, handed it over to the police.
The incident started around 8 in the evening. m.
When two police officers tried to stop a black SUV running a red light at Yonge Stand Queen Sts.
The car runs west on Queen\'s Road and runs a red light in St Bay. and York St.
Before crossing the University Avenue.
At the intersection of the bus poles and bus shelters, two small cars were hit.
The impact shattered all the glass panels of the shelter.
Some people in the shelter were cut by flying glass.
Several passers-by came to help other victims, including a woman trapped inside the car.
No one was injured, police said. threatening.
The Toronto police traffic department is investigating and calls the provincial special investigation unit whenever the police are involved.
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