vandals run up big bus stop damage cost

by:YEROO     2019-09-28
Efforts to replace the old wooden bus shelter with a new modern glass version have come across stumbling blocks and the community is being asked to help.
The vandals are breaking the safety glass panel, which has greatly increased the maintenance costs of the Hastings District Council.
In just four months of the fiscal year, the annual bus station maintenance budget has been overspent.
Three of the 36 glass shelters in the area are specific targets, one in the holy west of Herry taurga, one on the Avenue of Peter head and one on the Avenue of linen.
HDC has spent more than $20,000 to fix the Peter Head bus station since 2015.
The option is to use other types of materials to close them off, or to remove the shelter, just the bus stop is required.
Other materials on the side can include a grid (
It won\'t stop the wind, it won\'t block the heavy plastic that is easy to mark, it\'s hard to see through).
Henare O\'Keefe, member of Hastings District, said: \"Neither of these options is good, especially for our elderly users and mothers with children, both are ugly
\"We really need people to pay close attention to these shelters that keep members of the community using buses away from the wind and rain.
Destroying them is an attack on our community.
\"If you suspect that the man you know has become such an injury, please sit them down and explain that their real victims are grandparents, aunts and cousins who use the bus, their parents are helping to pay for cleaning up the mess.
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