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by:YEROO     2019-08-29
Re: \"When the bus stop is also a storm shelter,\" editorial, December.
30: Thanks to the editorial, it acknowledges that the first new shuttle has been completed by VIA bus shelter since 2014.
This has allowed a total of more than 2,200 sheltered bus stops in the VIA service area, and 95% of the boarders are there.
The editorial is only about part of the success of this great cause.
Let me elaborate.
As San Antonio-
I was appointed trustee of the VIA board of directors and recently attended the American Public Transport Association (APTA) meeting in Atlanta.
Hundreds of suppliers, including bus shelters, showed off the latest transportation technology.
I spoke to several vendors of these shelters and compared VIA to theirs.
I found the shelter in VIA much cheaper.
They are also produced locally, including work done by small and minority groups --
Own business.
Due to the different configurations of the sanctuary and the unique needs of each site, many of them are customized
Design, which will make out-of-
The town vendors are discouraged.
These projects not only enhance the rider experience,
They also create jobs in the region and reinvest local funds in our communities while being beautiful and comfortable.
At the APTA conference, I heard praise for a transport agency that installed about 40 new shelters in the previous year.
VIA\'s team has installed 1,000 units in just three years, a commendable achievement.
In my 18 months of serving VIA\'s board, I saw
Management, efficient and highly professional operation.
It is worth noting that although other transit agencies in Texas receive only half of the sales tax
But in terms of many indicators, we are outperforming our Texas counterparts.
This is more of a reason why I provide good service
VIA\'s team has won praise, and the team has done a great job in overseeing the design and implementation of the sanctuary, and has again proven that the agency is the financial steward of taxpayer funds.
This is another example of VIA\'s innovative expansion of valuable resources.
As San Antonio celebrates our three centuries, we see predictions that our city will double its population in the next 22 years.
Experts say we have added 150 cars a day.
A crowded highway
I have experienced similar growth in Houston and I know that the deadlock will grow exponentially.
This is one of the reasons I left Houston to live in San Antonio, the best city in Texas.
We must continue to provide innovative solutions to today\'s mobile needs while identifying additional sources of revenue to address the challenges of the next 20 years and beyond.
Achieving this goal requires strong support from the community.
I encourage the community to provide comments and constructive suggestions using VIA\'s online review form in VIAinfo.
Net/contact or many public forums are available.
Let\'s get involved, be prepared and act.
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