vr and ar: the depths of our electronically altered realities

by:YEROO     2019-09-22
How big is your screen?
Is it the size of the notebook? A television?
What if this is all your vision?
New technologies are expected to do so.
With virtual reality (VR)
Augmented reality (AR)
With the rapid popularization of computers, computers can finally get rid of the physical limitations of tablets and leap into more real 3D space.
The company is slowly realizing this potential and the excitement of consumers may continue.
In fact, according to a Business Insider article, \"the total expenditure on AR/VR products and services is expected to grow at an annualized rate of 113% and reach $215 billion by 2021, it was higher than $11 billion in 2017.
Both technologies allow users to change their perception of the world around them. -
The difference lies in existence.
One can think of AR as a zoo close to home, and VR is a hunt in a completely different world.
More specifically, AR is a fundamental change in the world you live in.
It treats your world as a blank sheet of paper and superimposes virtual images on the real world around you.
When Pepsi Max builds an AR experience for commuters at a bus shelter in London, it is used to produce dramatic effects.
On a more open platform, AR is starting to be widely used in a variety of mobile applications.
Snapchat is one of the most popular apps among young people as it is able to use the phone camera normally for fun selfie filters.
According to Snap CEO Evan Spiegel, a dancing hot dog has recently become \"the first augmented reality superstar in the world \".
Pokemon for children-
The collection game, which was originally released in 1997, revived in 20 years, undoubtedly surpassing Nintendo\'s expectations as one of the biggest mobile game fanatics ever.
In this app, you are not collecting monsters in the background of the video game world, but interacting with creatures in the background of the surrounding environment!
The company is looking for more and smarter ways to use AR and even make professional products that inspire imagination.
Google Glass was successful as a magical gadget and recently announced a second iteration.
Microsoft\'s HoloLens announced the news in 2015.
While AR changes your reality, VR replaces it.
The current tool required for VR experience is the large bulky goggles wrapped around your head-
But when you\'re busy immersing yourself in a different world, who cares what you think about the rest of the world?
Virtual reality creates simulations that encapsulate the overall changes in your vision and actually ship you elsewhere.
This is the charm of VR.
In a way, we all know that video games look better than ever, but virtual reality shows more simulation and a more fascinating escape.
This is an unprecedented sense of immersion, and you have to leave the world in order to change to a completely different sense of immersion.
This new technology requires more computing power, so only a handful of big companies are making waves in this area, including Google\'s Cardboard (
It\'s the Tango project now)
, The atmosphere of Facebook\'s Oculus Rift, HTC and the VR of the console.
The high price of virtual reality devices and the cost of advanced cameras used to record virtual reality make this process relatively expensive.
In addition, the technology is still in its infancy, so usage is still small.
However, when we don\'t have a big change yet --
These technologies bring a new kind of magic.
AR suggests that, just as the phone completely changes our connection to technology, it can improve and simplify our daily lives.
VR shows a new escape to a completely different world.
Here, we may feel the threat of blurred boundaries between the World Network and the online world.
Our smartphones are usually much more interesting than the world we are now filled with long-distance commuting and longer spreadsheets.
They can be very addictive. Dr.
Peter Whybrow, director of the Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior at the University of California, Los Angeles, declared, \"Computers are electronic cocaine for many people.
We used to rely on computers and now we have smartphones. What’s next?
Will AR penetrate our lives like our mobile phones?
Can VR be as addictive as many people think of video games?
This does not seem unreasonable.
AR connects us more closely with our network.
VR gives us a deeper world than any regular video game.
At the same time, both technologies are likely to be more isolated.
Where Are We Now? -
Computers meet our needs and software can generate positive feedback. -
Addiction seems inevitable.
In fact, in an era unprecedented in human history, we are at the edge of the cliff of superior technology.
There is no doubt that we will welcome these advances aimed at bringing so much fun and depth to our lives.
However, we must be careful how deep and dark this depth is.
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