waiting for a bus? time to enjoy a taste of art

by:YEROO     2019-09-01
This summer, bus shelters in 100 cities will be transformed into New York-
Based on the photographer, Ellie Perez.
Perez\'s \"from the sun to the Sun\" was released on August.
13, the first exhibition in collaboration between the non-profit Public Art Fund and advertising company JCDecaux, which controls the advertising space of about 3,400 bus shelters in New York City.
The Public Art Fund will use this unconventional canvas to hold two individual photo shows each year;
Each exhibition will be held for 14 weeks at 100 bus stops. Mx.
Peres, 29, has been filming New York for years, especially the Bronx.
Mx past work.
Use other Peres
Neutral pronouns \"they\" and \"they\" explore the punk community, underground nightlife culture, gender identity and Latin community in Bronx. (
Latakia is an alternative to gender neutrality for Latinos or Latinos. )
For \"from the sun to the Sun\", Mx.
Peres will film new works throughout the city.
Mainly focused on portraits, but also on places of personal significance.
\"I grew up in the whole city,\" Mx.
Perez said, recall in the first
Trains from Lower Manhattan to Bronx, \"Some places in Harlem\" and the Puerto Rican community in Bushwick where they now live.
\"I \'ve been hanging out at the bus stop to study,\" they said . \".
Katerina Stathopoulou, assistant curator of the Public Art Fund, said the broad scope of the exhibition was part of the goal.
\"We really want to go to five districts,\" she said . \"Ms.
The bus shelter has a visual advantage, says stathomoulou. as-exhibition-spaces.
\"The work will be done at the street level and at the eye level,\" she said . \".
\"When you see something in the bus waiting booth, it is usually on the life level.
Especially since in the first iteration of the series, our main focus is on portraits in order to be able to fully understand
Portrait of eye sizeto-
The eyes will be a very powerful experience. ”Mx.
Perez is also excited about the bus stop as a platform.
\"What\'s really exciting for me about this project is that it\'s possible to have something on the street that makes it accessible to people I grew up with,\" they said . \", Notice that people may have extra time at the bus stop.
Mx: \"When someone is sitting on a bench on their way to work and knows the bus is coming, they may have to wait a long time . \". Pérez said.
\"It may be the time they actually don\'t spend with an image in museums and galleries, but when they are waiting for the bus, they can.
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