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Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 6/6/09 (3673 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Editor-in-law writer Tom Olsen recently strolled through 1 magazine.
8-kilometer long main street from Selkirk Avenue to Portage Avenue-
Notorious streets and alleys
Found a better place than you thought, for the reason you wouldn\'t guess.
Manitoba Liquor Control Board at the exit of the main street and Pritchard Avenue, with few frog jumps north of Selkirk Avenue, is the only liquor store in the city that operates six days a week at 9: 00.
Thanks to winnieggers, whether in the Main Street area or in the homes of Wolseley and River heigts, they are all working 24/7 deep in sherry, living a different life, keeping a different time, liquor stores, or at least some of them, are odd to have no 24/7 open.
But they are not.
The closest to the city is the liquor store located at 1005 Main Street, which is a very special reason.
A few years ago, John Rogers, who was then the head of the Main Street project, and members of some other organizations were working to improve the lives of the main drunk and poor --the Non-Potable-
They are called the abuse committee.
Approach MLCC and ask if it can open the street store a little earlier than the Qing Dynasty 10a. m.
This is the opening hours of most of the week for each other liquor store.
The reason is that people nearby abuse other more dangerous substances.
Drinking and smelling of Lysol and mouthwash and other useful household items has become rampant in the area.
Rogers and his colleagues think that these people drink cheaper sherry than rotten.
They\'re right for intestinal chemicals.
The problem has not been solved yet. a store-
Just off Isabel Street, the owner was recently accused of selling hairspray and mouthwash as poison.
This will almost certainly happen elsewhere as well.
Walking south from the liquor store on the main street, there are many grocery stores that may sell Lysol as a toxic substance, but, for their purposes, they seem to sell only groceries and other goods.
The Main Street today is a busier place than before and a better place.
At 9 in the last week, the liquor store itself is a quiet place --day morning.
Your reporter is the first person to line up.
In fact, it was a bit awkward that he was the only one in line, but there were two more respectable people --
Soon after, people followed him in.
The cashier said it was almost as usual for most days.
People on the street will not buy wine earlier than people in other parts of the city, they just provide greater convenience.
In fact, on another day, at the central liquor store where MLCC likes to call it the main branches Ellis and Hargrave, 11 people impatiently rolled around the door before opening the door at 10. m.
Perhaps MLCC, like the rest of us, is also slow in capturing the changing patterns of cities.
The liquor council can no longer explain why there is such a special distinction in one store, or even why it is not so compelling to explain why all other stores do not have that distinction.
However, suburban Winnipeg residents are free to guess why this is the case, and they are happy to guess: Hello?
This is the main street! Duh!
Suburban residents of Winnipeg, I freely admit to being one of them, are wrong in this regard, as they are wrong in many other things in this special city.
The main street strip is still a nightmare in the permanent imagination of many winniperg people, and for a while it\'s not just imagination;
This is a real and ugly slum that can be found anywhere in North America.
But that\'s not the case now.
Still rough-and-tumble and run-
But it\'s not terrible now.
The slums in Winnipeg seem to have moved south to Portage Avenue, where you will see more people boarding any day --
More buildings, beggars, public drinking and vomiting drunks than you can see on the terrible Main Street.
On a sunny spring afternoon, walking a few hours south from Selkirk Avenue to Portage is actually more enjoyable than spending 15 minutes on buses like Portage Avenue and Fort Street.
Recently one morning I stayed there for 15 minutes, was fired three times, was polite twice, was impolite at one time, took five minutes to be drunk by one already, there are people who are dissatisfied with a certain degree of government or others who are dissatisfied with it.
The bus was lucky to be here before I made the story clear.
In contrast, it took me three hours that afternoon to walk on a main street, traveling from Selkirk to Portage, and as the mood changed, I went around here and there.
It was the most enjoyable afternoon I had in a long time.
I only got a kind one at a time.
A polite young man who wanted money to buy \"coffee\" and even offered to work for coffee.
What kind of work he wants from an old man in a shabby raincoat
Well, I don\'t want to think about it, but neither of us took our path maliciously.
Besides that, the main streets are interesting and are different from the rest of the city in terms of good and bad.
This is not River Heights, where the idea of a person drinking a beer on the terrace of the pizza restaurant appears in a good neighborhood or South St.
It is essential that it is always a bit surprising to see pedestrians on the street.
On the main street, there are not many terraces, but occasionally there is a place to enjoy the King\'s can of beer in the bus shelters, and there will always be a lot of pedestrians walking on their uncertain business.
Walking south from Selkirk to Euclid, three or four blocks away, one of the most significant differences between Main and St.
South of St. Mary\'s Road.
The important shopping center is that there are mainly four pawnshops with metal doors and buzz.
In the entry and chain links on the window.
This doesn\'t include Connie\'s Cafe, which will not only sell you bacon and eggs but also old hockey cards and baseball cards etc --
\"The price is fair for you!
The sign on the window promises.
On the same section of this street, there are not less than six roads --
In a medical clinic
This does not include Mount Carmel-
Start with the unfortunate name Dr. Dang\'s (
\"There is no need to make an appointment \")
Don\'t get confused through Turtle Island and Turtle Mountain medical clinic.
Of all these charitable services, St.
Ivan suchavski Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, a model of a forged church building
The iron fence and the front door were stronger than the door lock on the pawnshop.
We\'re not here now.
Toto, it\'s not important anymore.
If Toto has any questions about this, they will be replaced by the hustle and bustle of the main street, the personal and interpersonal traffic you can\'t see anywhere else in Winnipeg.
During the day and at night, the suburbs of the city are desolate car routes and hardly anyone can be seen.
The sidewalk on Portage Avenue is busy during the day, but they are busy and anxious to leave there and go home.
Overall, people get the impression that while people may be as busy as anyone anywhere, they have gone home.
This is their neighbor.
It may be the place where they do business, but it\'s also them-
Many of them, at least-
In fact, he is living, which creates a sense of belonging to a stranger as if he accidentally found a friendly place.
An inscription was engraved on the sidewalk on the Main Street south of Selkirk, concluding: \"This is automatic.
When you say these words, you walk in the community.
You\'re part of this community.
This seems to be true.
People say hello to you when you pass them in the street.
How strange is it in Winnipeg?
There is a lot of business going on the street.
Contrary to the idea of many Winnie people, it is not in the infamous Main Street hotel.
From Yale north of the Higgins underground passage to Woodbine north of Portage, these notorious hotels are actually pleasant places for the afternoon, character bars, with some makeup, and may really be trendy.
Of course, VLTs are always busy, just as they are elsewhere in the city --
Why do you think Gary Doer is always smiling? —
In a hotel near Main, an ongoing booming business reminds an old Clarendon Hotel on Portage Avenue before the City \"plans\" to forget it.
This is the startup spirit of the poor, the sick and desperate people, a group of vendors selling goods, everyone knows, don\'t ask the source of these goods.
In the course of 10 minutes, I got the cosmetics --I passed —
Underwear for ladies
I passed again.
The third entrepreneur took a look at me and didn\'t even condescend to show me what she was going to sell.
Time at night could be a different story
A cottage worker who appeared in the effort to save the street said that if you rate the hotel based on where you drink with friends at night, woodbine will get \"\", the scale will drop to \"D-
\"Yale University when you move north.
This could be the result of interest from government industries in recent years in \"improving\" the main streets.
To improve the climate in the neighborhood, six of the worst hotels were demolished, apparently no one, once seriously thinking about where people who live in bars and drink might go while they are away.
Well, some of them moved to the north of the underground passage to drink.
More of them moved to downtown hotels near Portage Avenue.
You can\'t seem to get rid of the slide row, you can only move it.
The slums in Winnipeg have moved.
Main Street is now more enjoyable than it was 20 years ago, and it seems to get better and better despite the government\'s best efforts.
The new Winnipeg Area Health Authority building is a new building variant next to the old Bell Hotel, which has now been closed and continues to work to moderate the area for our civil servants.
WRHA should be welcomed to appear on Main, but somehow it seems that no one is satisfied with it, not the worker who has to occupy it, not the neighbor who has to live with it.
Standing across the street looking at the huge buildings and the same huge park, people know why.
The building is not just stone and steel.
It helps define life itself.
Does anyone want his building to be designed by the person who built the WRHA bunker rather than the designer of The Bell Hotel?
The bunker mentality shown in the WRHA design seems to be the typical mindset of most winniperg people when they are on the Main Street --
Keep your head down and you may get through it.
However, some people who are committed to restoring the streets just because they believe in them are equally happy because the government has long neglected the streets.
For example, on the street, there is no body like Portage Place due to some Wells
Meaning, but basically misunderstood the civic organization, tarnished the main streets of the city, surrounded by empty storefronts and vacant buildings.
The main streets are gradually developing and will naturally become a better place, they said.
One example is the Woodbine hotel, which owner Don Matthews and his daughter Dana have turned from a dump into a character Bar for the past six years.
Lee Hollong works with his partner Anne Bergen, or at least before she takes maternity leave this month, they work together, which has become the pearl on the street, an example of what you can do with a little money-
Well, maybe quite a bit-
And a lot of good intentions.
This Western hotel used to be the worst and most notorious hotel on the street.
It has such a bad name that mothers can scare their children with its name if they want.
Today, thanks to architect Richard Wall, this is the Red Road cottage and the mother may take the children if they perform well.
The worst beer shop in town is closed.
The dirtiest and most dangerous hotel rooms in the city have been renovated.
They are now only leased to physically, mentally or addicted disabled persons.
The hotel\'s affiliated restaurant is a new restaurant, the highest poppy restaurant, which has been well received by free media restaurant critic Marion valhove
She wrote in the description: \"Think of the highest level of things . \".
The bourgeoisie from the Waterfront Drive and the surrounding apartments is flocking.
Who would have thought that the middle class in Winnipeg would line up in front of Western hotels?
But perhaps the most profound side of the new street can be found in the old Western studio 631 run by Lee Hollong and Anne Bergen.
Its idea was by the mural artist Bergen, and when the couple waited for their first child, his daily behavior was now taken care of by Hollong.
This is the place where you stumble upon and think \"unexpected discovery!
\"On Tuesday and Thursday, Studio 631 offers art for free for anyone who wants to come.
This is not the art of looking at pictures.
\"Instead, it\'s art, as you do yourself.
They provide material and anyone who wants it, though mainly for the inside
If you forgive the artistic metaphor, city locals can create cows to go home.
There is a mural on the back wall of the Red Road Cottage, a collage of works of art created by schools and individuals who have been touched by Berger and Hollong.
You can\'t see it from the front, but walking down the block is worth a look.
This is the new face of the main street.
On the most recent afternoon, 10 to 12 people worked in the studio.
This is a way to get people involved, says holeron, and give them something to do in addition to sitting together.
\"Everyone is poor, but everyone is involved,\" We all know it\'s better than the other.
In fact, Richard Wall may have created a yellow brick road to the future of the main street at Red River Lodge.
When it comes to metaphor, there is a metaphor for the main street.
I \'ve been hating bridges and underground passages since I was a child, because once you get on them, you\'re stuck in a confined corridor.
Due to the popular imagination of the main streets in the city, they are places you cannot leave, and luckily you can only walk through them.
Just before I stumbled across Studio 631, I had to cross the underground passage of the main street.
However, I feel safe because I am in front of a group
Students at Higgins daycare.
They are very young, they are very humorous, they have all kinds of colors and descriptions.
This is the next street, I think.
It should be Winnipeg.
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