water infiltration, concrete \'honeycombing\' part of rectified defects at rideau station

by:YEROO     2019-10-20
City records show that inspectors looking for construction snafus in Ottawa\'s largest infrastructure project found water seepage, drainage failures and concrete defects at Rideau LRT station last year.
The city recently released 25 more
Consistency report submitted to researcher Ken Rubin under Accessto-Information Law.
They are records of the same kind of inspection and their details are reported by this newspaper and in.
A forced the construction cities and RTG of the project to issue reports.
The latest batch was intriguing, as the inspection records were mainly from 2018, just months before November 2018 when construction workers handed the project keys to the city\'s second missed deadline.
The first missed handover was in May 2018.
RTG has told the city that it will hand over the LRT system to the city before the parade ends.
The Municipal Finance and Economic Development Commission is scheduled to receive an important update on the work on Tuesday. Non-
Consistency checks are standard in the construction industry.
They ensure that infrastructure is built in accordance with standards and norms.
If there is a problem, the problem will be recorded, and the builder will propose a solution and solve it by the engineer.
On the LRT project, the builder Rideau Transit Group and the city have quality-
Control Inspector
RTG is responsible for paying $2 to fix building defects. 1-
Billion line project.
The consortium has a 30-
Sign annual maintenance contract with this city.
On last August, RTG inspectors recorded \"recurring defects\" in a report that involved concrete on the north-south platform of the Rideau station.
\"Honeymoon \"-
Term used to describe rough surfaces and cavities in concrete-
And the gap around the embedded pipe.
The ground cable protrudes from the surface of the concrete topping and the screen is exposed.
The report says there are ups and downs in the concrete and pipe insulation materials exposed to the concrete surface.
Builders propose to fix most of the defects and leave some
However, according to the report, an engineer said that the builder \"should try to replace the honeycomb area\" to avoid problems with the tiles in the future.
In a separate non
According to the consistency report, the RTG inspector found that the concrete structure of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning room at the east entrance of the Rideau station had water passing through.
Subcontractors trying to plug the leak using polyurethane crack injection are not very lucky.
The second subcontractor tried different products and the result was better, but according to the report, \"The water inflow continued to exist.
The third subcontractor was proposed to come in and plug the leak and then apply the coating as an additional waterproof measure, the report said.
The drainage system at the two easternmost tunnel stations caught the attention of inspectors, who also noted that there was insufficient drainage at the station in Lyon.
According to a non-RTG inspector, the RTG inspector found defects in sanitation and rain discharge at the parliamentary Station
The consistency report started in last August.
A small fraction of the debris caused a slight blockage.
There are exposed washers for both sanitary and rain systems.
The proposed plan is to keep the building as it is
Because there is not a lot of water in the pipes of the sanitary system or the rainwater system.
Similar defects have also been found in the health pipes at Rideau station.
The builder noted in the report that the pipes did not repair the restrooms and therefore were not expected to contain solid waste.
Again, construction defects are proposed-is.
: Back to Lyon Station, an RTG inspector found that the pipeline spacing on the platform was inefficient and could result in a long period of time
Long term durability issues.
Builders \"will assume any potential long-term responsibility
The word \"crack the problem\"
The consistency report says.
The Eagle of the city
So far, the eye inspection team has identified dozens of construction errors for the LRT project.
Michael Morgan, director of the city\'s railway construction project, said the city had eight \"construction supervisors\" who were responsible for reviewing all aspects of construction.
He noted that the city also monitored the assembly and testing of Alstom Citadis Spirit LRT vehicles.
On last August, the city inspector looked at the Bayview station and found that due to the large opening, the station did not actually meet the federal Station standard.
The builder recognized this and formulated a plan for revision.
The city\'s inspection team also marked a certificate. of-
The payment sign was installed behind the fare gate at Blair station, starting a larger discussion about posting signs at all stations.
Eventually, the city and RTG reached an \"agreement\" on where to post the logo, but the details were not detailed in the report.
City inspectors also found a lack of telephone and data connectivity while checking the bus supervision office at Blair and Hedman stations.
At the three tunnel stations, inspectors found that some advertising areas did not have electricity and communication regulations and violated the project agreement.
At Blair station, city inspectors did not like this, and a fire hydrant was relocated behind a bus shelter, causing the hydrant to be blocked.
The engineers did not accept the city.
Consistency reports that fire hydrants can be easily accessed for emergency and maintenance purposes.
The city refused the invitation of engineers.
Morgan says there are 842 non-
In relation to the consistency report issued by the LRT project, 667 of which were submitted by RTG inspectors and 175 by city inspectors.
He did not say how this was superimposed on industry standards. “All major (non-
Consistency report)
It will be closed and resolved before the RTG is substantially completed, \"Morgan said.
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