web site allows die-hard cheddar fans to watch cheese mold

by:YEROO     2019-10-16
Some people may say that it\'s a bit of a cheese mold . . . . . . Dry . . . . . . But for the mold --
Hard cheddar cheese lovers, now have a website where you can do this at any time during the day or at night.
According to the Scottish Daily, the \"Cheddar vision\" is a new concept envisioned by the western village farm cheese manufacturer group.
At the scene, cheddarvision.
TV, let cheese lovers \"check the subtle complexity of the mold on beautiful cheese.
\"The webcam is for 20-
Under the care of farmer Tom Culver, a gram of cheddar cheese matures in the cheese shop of Westcombe Dairy. Cheddar-
The head can indulge its senses at 24/7/365 on the site, and \"cheddar vision\" also has its own MySpace page.
\"It\'s better than watching the paint dry --
Philip Crawford, chairman of the group, acknowledged.
\"Some people may say this is the most boring site in 2007, but our cheese is worth waiting for,\" Crawford added . \".
\"There are a lot of green things. . . Sick, Park Villa. (AP)—
Someone\'s New Year\'s Eve party is getting healthier.
Police at suburban Villa Park say a refrigerated truck with $50,000 of frozen broccoli was stolen. The tractor-
The last trailer was seen at the concert hall meeting Sports and Exhibition Center on Christmas Eve.
When the truck disappeared, the owner of Bensonville initially thought the driver had lost his way.
However, after checking in with all the truck drivers, the owner announced that the vehicle had been stolen.
Detective at Villa Park, Ed Zoellick, says he thinks the truck
Not the content of it.
Is the target of theft.
Unless the thief is a real vegetarian, he says.
I\'m rubber. you\'re rubber. AP)—
Rubber tires that used to be on the road are now on the west side of Chicago.
As part of a pilot project announced yesterday, the city has replaced 550 feet of concrete sidewalks with recycled rubber tires.
City officials say they want to see how the material can withstand the harsh winter and heavy walking traffic in Chicago.
The rubber sidewalk is more expensive than concrete, but made of 100% recycled tires, it can be easily repaired and removed without cracking and shifting like concrete.
The sidewalk is near Garfield Park and close to the Green Science and Technology Center of Chicago.
Officials also launched the first solar energy
Bus shelters.
Officials are planning to build 100 shelters in 2007.
The buildings will save about $200 a year on electricity bills.
Christmas spirit still exists. . . PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP)—
When the bikes Dennis and Tammy lepolin bought for Christmas disappeared from their front lawn, the couple posted a sign to let the thieves know about their disappointment.
\"I hope your scammer likes the bike you stole; Merry X-
\"Mas,\" the sign says.
The next night the couple heard a knock on the door and found an envelope with $200 in it.
A pickup truck drove away.
Dennis lepolin told Penola la news magazine: \"There is a note in it that says, \'there are 1,000 good people for every scammer. \'.
\"I think it\'s great.
We moved here from St.
Louis, people just don\'t do this in Saint. Louis.
Tamie Leporin says she and her husband are so focused on theft that they forget the true meaning of Christmas until the kindness of strangers reminds them of this.
\"We just hope there is a way to thank them,\" she said . \".
This is not Santa from AboveMADISON in Wis. (AP)—
Thieves in the Madison area enter the liquor store through roof or ceiling vents and raid the safe.
In the past week, at least four shops and one restaurant have been targeted in this way, police said.
Brian Finn, the manager of Neil\'s drink in Madison, said Wednesday morning the alert reminded him that the contents of the safe were missing.
\"They didn\'t cut any holes in the roof, but they pried a lid from the stove on the roof and fell off the air duct,\" Frain said . \".
The ficchburg Police Department said the thieves broke into the shops of ficchburg, The Sun Prairie and Madison for three consecutive nights.
Chad brecklin, who is coordinating investigations with other police departments.
One manager speculated that the thieves were looking for extra cash from holiday sales.
Brecklin said he suspected it was the same team that hit all the stores, or a \"very athletic or determined person \".
\"This person must also be very strong.
On Saturday night, the thieves dug a hole in the bottle and fell off the ceiling, where they took out a 400-
Clerk Chuck Amble said he smashed the safe from the back door.
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