wednesday\'s letters: public funds belong with public schools

by:YEROO     2019-09-09
\"All the schools in Alberta are for the public,\" acknowledged John Jaggers Ma, April 23, and John Jaggers Ma\'s admission to the range of options for the Edmonton Public School District \"is great,\", we are wrong to say that we are calling for an end to subsidizing private schools with public funds as a way to attack educational diversity.
In fact, we make it clear that it is essential to adapt to diversity and choice in the public system.
For decades, we have been working on a well-received school selection program that is available to all families regardless of faith, income and ability.
Unlike private schools, our design is not unique --
Instead of choosing and rejecting students, we welcome and educate them.
We respect the individual\'s right to choose a private school, but rejecting the choice of a public school also means you pay for the choice yourself.
We must ensure that public funds are used for public purposes under the supervision of elected delegates.
There have long been private schools in Ontario and there is no public funding, and Alberta should adopt the same approach.
Michael Janz, chairman of boarding at public schools in Edmonton.
On April 21, let\'s review \"getting ready for their kickbacks \".
Approximately Alberta families will receive a full or partial rebate.
Someone will have to manage this.
The government will create jobs.
Several managers manage, several supervisors supervise, dozens of input data, check the data, confirm the data, and issue rebates by pressing the button.
Now we have to pay the salaries of all these new government employees.
In addition to their salary, we pay them benefits and donate money to their retirement fund.
For every dollar of carbon tax levied, how much percentage will actually be spent on green initiatives. We can of course simplify things by reducing the carbon tax and canceling kickbacks.
We just saved millions.
By the way, I just got back from Ontario.
Solar panels are everywhere.
Maybe the huge energy ball in the sky is worth studying.
It is no surprise that Alexandra Anderson of EdmontonIt is rising against the Valley light rail.
While it is absurd for the City Council to sacrifice the valley, the Valley Line is also the most special place in our city because of its cost and a major missed opportunity for the expansion of public transport.
It\'s one thing if we can afford the underground light rail. But we can’t.
The Commission is counting on Minister Amarjeet Sohi to save the day with additional funds, but the last thing we need is federal subsidies for bad planning. For $1.
8 billion, we can almost immediately establish an incredible, flexible bus rapid transit network throughout the city, with heated bus shelters and flexible response to special events, floods and urban growth models.
It will take advantage of the existing infrastructure to protect our valley.
All cities, including New York, are turning to BRT.
Edmonton needs to keep up and make the same change.
Christine Kovalchuk of Edmonton saved the sidewalk.
\"The city faces a bill of $18 a year to fix the back lane,\" the idea took the cake in April 22, among all the funny ideas put forward by the town hall --
The city is considering redeveloping the back alley of the old block for tens of millions of dollars and asking homeowners to pay within 30 years.
The back lanes are in a shabby state because each time they dig a big hole to repair the water or gas pipes, they are not properly filled.
In addition to this, large trucks that pick up garbage and recyclable items have caused damage to the thin asphalt layer.
These alleys are mainly for separate garages and utility services in and out of the ground.
They are not designed for heavy traffic.
Do not burden the residents, just repair the affected area and replace it with gravel where the surface cannot be repaired.
Other cities can do this, why not Ed muntong. J.
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