weekly newspaper review: gladrags, santa clash and frog intruders

by:YEROO     2019-09-23
The weekly newspaper has a consensus that it is now a formal season.
Last year students from all over Northern Ireland were portrayed on the front or inside of their local newspaper, filled with glitz and glamour.
Students from Fermanagh Lourdes mountain paired their happy rags with umbrellas to go out in the rain for their official event in Carrickon-Shannon.
But, as the headlines of the fermena Herald say, they still had a \"pleasant time \". The Mid-
Ulster Mail has another school story about parents.
The newspaper reported that parents of a school in Cookstown, Tyrone county, formed a new group to solve problems caused by budget cuts in education.
Friends at Trinity Primary School aim to raise funds to raise the necessary funds for the school, from basic teaching materials to interactive whiteboards for each classroom.
Elsewhere in the paper, the Mid Ulster District Council has written to British Telecom asking them to keep the public telephone booth on the logh Fea Road near coxtown.
This proposal was made by Mark Glasgow, alst co-MP, at the Council\'s recent monthly meeting.
Glasgow believes that, especially in rural areas, it is important to keep paid telephones.
He may be the most generous person in the world, but it doesn\'t stop social media from dragging Santa Claus into the anniversary.
Fermanagh Herald reports that plans for Santa to appear at the Erneside mall have been put on hold as social media complain about his arrival in conflict with enniskelen\'s anniversary.
Some people think that calendar conflicts are \"shameful\" and \"completely wrong \".
The mall will host Santa on Friday, November 23. Eleven-year-
Old Conor Bannon made two bucks for himself.
Page became the youngest person to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Ireland and was widely circulated among reporters in Newry.
He followed in the footsteps of his famous father Terence \'Banjo \'Bannon, the second Irish to climb Mount Everest.
He spent 7 nights and 8 days climbing the highest independent mountain in the world and raised £ 4,000 in the process.
Connor told reporters that he felt \"great\" when he reached the peak, but \"really tired too \".
Meanwhile, a bus stop in baysbrook made headlines for the second time this year.
Newry Reporter wrote that xinfen and SDLP once again clashed about the location of the bus shelter.
The focus of the debate is whether the bus shelters should be located in the Crowe Park or should be located in a new location near John F Kennedy Park.
On Monday night, members voted in favor of John f. Kennedy Park, 15 and 11.
After the meeting, it was shameful that member Roisin Mulgrew posted the decision online.
This is good news for Causeway Bay Coast and Glens as it celebrates its growing reputation as a dog
Friendly resort in the Coleraine era.
Dog-friendly tours are shortlisted for your dog award, while hotels on the coast of portlush rank second in the list of best places to stay.
According to The Times, agencies in the region welcome dog owners and their pets as the hotel industry strives to facilitate dog lovers.
The rocks of Portrush are a feature of the colrennes era.
When the locals walked in the seaside town and looked for rocks on every wall, corner and bench, the author followed.
To encourage the kids to stay away from the TV and iphone, Amanda Gibson invented a simple game: All you have to do is find a stone, decorate it, hide it again somewhere in town, when someone finds it again, they post it on Facebook.
Facebook was founded in 2017, and its fans grew from 300 to 2,500.
Portadown Times tells the bizarre story of a frog, a hungry dog and an alarm phone.
It says a dog \"jumps wildly\" against an amphibious intruder in a house in town \".
However, the son of the resident said that he saw a man behind the house and blood was found on the door frame.
Worried about the recent break
In the area, the head of the household called the police.
They found part of the frog leg and they determined it was the source of blood.
The householder still did not believe that he said the blood was \"high\", but the newspaper quoted PSNI as saying: \"There was no attempt to steal.
A dog ate a frog.
The front page of the newspaper claimed that the morale of Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council was \"the lowest level ever \".
Dup mp Darryn Causby said that since the Commission was established three years ago, no final structure has been established for it.
According to Ballymena Guardian, tenants of a building on Wellington Street were ordered to leave after being considered unsafe.
It is reported that the harsh weather last winter has caused some deterioration of the building.
After part of Conis fell off the facade of the building, Antrim Council blocked the sidewalk.
Meanwhile, Betty Shaw was awarded half a page of honor in the Guardian as she closed the door to bed and breakfast 33 years later.
Mayor Lindsay Miller said the service MS Shaw provided to the local tourism industry was a \"remarkable achievement \".
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