what are good bicycle wheels for 350 pound riders?

by:YEROO     2019-10-21
Cycling is a great cardiovascular exercise for large muscle groups with minimal impact on joints.
If you are overweight, it is recommended to take a bike to help you lose weight.
If you weigh more than 300 pounds, consider a hybrid or mountain bike.
These tires are larger, the wheels are thicker and can be supported for longer periods of time under pressure.
You can still install these wheels with smooth tires in order to drive on the road.
Mountain bike wheels mountain bikes are made to withstand the effects of rocks, roots, jumps and drops without compromising integrity.
If you weigh more than 350 pounds, it is ideal to choose a mountain bike of high quality, strong and durable, especially if you want to ride an off-road bikecountry or off-road. All-
Mountain and downhill wheelsets are usually wider and more durable than road and intersection
Country and general trail of cycling wheels.
When the mountain bike wheels ride on the road surface, smooth road tires can also be installed to reduce friction. Spoke and through
The number of spokes on the wheel affects its durability;
The more spokes it has, the stronger it will be.
Look for the wheel with at least 32 spokes, preferably the wheel of the rear wheel.
However, most wheels are purchased in complete sets, so buying four wheels in total can be expensive.
Another factor that needs to be taken into account for durability and weight limitations is the type of shaft of the wheel. A thru-
The shaft is stronger and more durable than the fast shaft
Release axis, usually for full-
Behind the mountain bike and downhill bike.
All of industry Nine/Stan-
Got 4 out of 5 stars from the editor of bike, the industry has 9
The function of the mountain Wheel Group is 32-
The diameter is the aluminum spoke and the wheel ring is 26mm wide.
Found the wheel \"very stiff \"---
In the hardest sample-
But allow enough to pay to prevent bad handling.
After hard use, the reviewers found that the spokes kept the tension, the wheels kept true, and the bearings kept quiet.
This is a more expensive wheelset for up to $1,000 as of 2013.
Azonic Momentum DH is an Azonic Momentum DHA downhill tire made for punishment, with 36 spokes per wheel and up to 43-mm-wide rim.
Give 5 out of 5 stars on Mtbr.
Com, this wheel is characterized
Shaft for up to 3-inch-wide tires.
Regardless of weight, this wheelset can support you through any terrain without affecting the frame.
As of 2013, the cost per wheel is about $180 and you can buy only one or two springs if you need a full set.
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