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What Are the Advertising Advantages of Street Lamp Pole LED Display


The  Street Lamp Pole LED Display is centralized management of brand information by the enterprise, and then the designed advertisement display information is transmitted to people's eyes in an interactive manner such as images, texts, videos, etc., and the traditional advertising equipment is too passive to promote the publicity. While the Smart & Digital Pole LED display attracts people's attention, it also mobilizes the enthusiasm of people to participate actively, which in turn increases the number of advertisements that are placed on the LED display of the streetlight pole.

The street light pole LED screen signage occupies a small area, which can make full use of the space and greatly improve the practical rate of the pole light bar LED light display screen. At the same time, it has the characteristics of asynchronous reception and synchronous playback. The street light pole led screen signs not only has unique advantages in road guidance, road condition broadcast, information release, advertisement promotion, etc. but also plays an important role in the construction of the smart city. And the effect of advertising, the advantage of multi-point placement, the formation of scale effect in a certain area. For example, the Guangzhou road street light pole LED screen is placed on all the light poles of a certain road section, and the technology of networked simulcasting, dozens of hundreds or even more road light pole led screens simultaneously play the same advertisement, so that for the consumer or the visual impact of invisible consumers is very strong, and they can also deepen their memory of advertising, so this kind of advertising effect is no less than the outdoor led big screen advertising.

YEROO-What Are the Advertising Advantages of Street Lamp Pole LED Display

The appearance of the outdoor street light pole LED  screen signage is mainly to replace the commercial light pole light box advertisement. At present, the led light box advertisements on the market, double-sided emission advertisements, can discharge up to two advertisements, and the customer group has to change once in a few months, the number of advertisements placed is limited, and the smart street lamp digital led pole display can discharge advertisements without restriction. The street light pole LED screen can place dozens of advertisements at the same time, so the utilization rate of the light pole lighting box advertisements is correspondingly increased. In terms of visual impact, the light bled backlit advertising plane advertisement, while the street light pole bar led display can display dynamic video advertisements, and the form of delivery is also more attractive. In comparison, dynamic advertisements have stories and plots, and no one is watching them. As long as they are broadcast, there will always be people paying attention. The static advertisement is only a picture. One or two sentences often do not express the meaning to be elaborated. This will attract fewer eyeballs, especially in the rush of the roadside. The audience will pass by and may still return. I didn't have time to pay attention to the existence of advertising. Therefore, compared to the traditional light box advertising on street light pole LED billboard display video playback is better.

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