what is geoengineering?

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Engineering has been working on different ways to reduce the impact of climate change since the 1990s.
Scientists believe that changing the rate of the Earth (
Percentage of solar energy absorbed or reflected by the Earth)
Some methods are still being explored and some have been tested on a small scale.
Some earth scientists believe
Engineering technology will avoid reducing greenhouse gas emissions in industrial countries, but Earth scientists believe it will be a supplement.
This is an article about geography.
A relatively new concept that hopes to slow climate change.
Here we will study geo-
Technology, we start with an overview of how greenhouse gases affect the rate of the Earth\'s response.
What we see from the introduction is the relationship between the Earth\'s absorption and the reflected solar radiation;
A reflective white body with an incidence rate starting at 0% and a black absorbing material of 100%.
The greenhouse gases formed in the Earth\'s atmosphere and the stratosphere change this relationship by preventing some of the reflected solar radiation from reoccurring.
Into space.
Some of the Earth\'s substances that affect the rate of reflection are listed below;
We are now continuing to look at the different technologies used in earth engineering technologies.
Cloud seeding suggests spraying seawater into the atmosphere over the ocean, and when water and salt drops reach about 1 km above the clouds, they are absorbed and are known to increase the reflectivity of the cloud.
The operation will be carried out by a wind-driven satellite-controlled unmanned vessel. Geo-
Engineering scientists believe that the area under the clouds will become colder, so the technology can be used to mitigate ice melting and coral reef bleaching due to rising sea temperatures.
Marine seeding scientists estimate that our oceans remove 50 to 60 billion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year, and have the ability to remove more carbon dioxide through iron seeding.
At present, plankton floating on the top of the Ocean absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, and it is known that adding iron to the sea water will stimulate this natural process, resulting in a large number of plankton breeding.
However, there are some problems with this technique, and the first one is that when plankton dies, they have to sink to the bottom as normal.
If they float to the top and break down, the carbon dioxide captured will return to the atmosphere.
Another concern is that small plankton, fed by plankton, will devour them and emit carbon dioxide to the atmosphere before they reach the bottom of the sea.
Although iron naturally joins the ocean from the wind
A substantial increase in the environmental consequences of the oceans requires further investigation.
Some scientists have mentioned this geographical method.
Engineering-made toxins can poison the oceans and coastal flora and fauna.
Remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
The project has come up with a way to remove carbon dioxide from ambient air.
This includes the formation of a special film for the panel that absorbs CO2, and once the panel is filled, it is removed for storage, just like carbon capture and storage (
See my article on CCS).
The advantage of this method is the ability to find panels on airports and city buildings, bus shelters and highways to absorb carbon dioxide from exhaust emissions.
The improvement of the desert has made the barren desert of the Sahara and Gobi reflect a part of the Sun\'s brilliance, but according to geographical location
Engineers can improve it by adding a reflection area.
This will be the form of a high reflective plastic sheet laid on the sand, but for now the cost of such a project will reach billions of dollars.
Removal of CO2 sources using biotechnology
The CharThis method is for farmers and forest farmers who burn unwanted plants or let them rot in fields or forests that emit carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.
To prevent this, scientists have developed a machine that cuts up wood and crops, sends the resulting substance into an oven and converts it into charcoal.
Then bury in the ground, enrich the soil and store carbon dioxide.
For some time, it has been known that the sulfur dioxide emitted by the volcano has gathered in various layers of the atmosphere and provides a solar screen to filter solar radiation before reaching Earth.
High sulfur dioxide injection into the atmosphere can enhance natural processes, scientists claim.
So far, several suggestions for the injection of sulfur have proved that the cost is too high.
Using artificial trees to remove carbon dioxide artificial trees consists of box structures about the size of normal containers, filled with carbon absorbing materials these containers can be used in the same position as the membrane plates discussed earlier, it can also be located in the structure of the abandoned oil well and the gas well, as the captured carbon dioxide is pumped into the depleted reservoir.
One of the easiest and cheapest ways to increase the reflection of solar radiation from the city center in the city is to paint the roof of the city building white.
This will reduce the temperature in the downtown area that is usually 3-
The temperature near the countryside is 4 degrees higher.
This is due to the urban island phenomenon caused by the construction of buildings and infrastructure by thermal materials, and the heat absorbed is released at night.
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