what is the size of the space shuttle? facts & details about the size of the space shuttle

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Anatomy of a space shuttle or orbiter is often referred to as three main parts: 1)
The front fuselage containing the crew cabin is about 44 feet (13. 4 m)long. 2)
The medium body containing the cargo hold is about 60 feet (18. 3 m)long3)
The rear fuselage containing the OMS or track maneuver system is 18 feet (5. 5 m)long.
Summarize the overall size of the Space Shuttle: The width of the space shuttle is from 17 feet (5. 2 m)
Central fuselage to 22 feet (6. 7 m)
In the rear fuselage.
The payload Hatch extends 22. 7 feet (6. 9 m)
When they are on, as radiators, keep the shuttle cool in orbit. How big is that?
What is the size of the shuttle?
A typical city bus is about 40 feet kilometers (12. 2 m)
Long, so the front fuselage is about the same size as the city bus.
The payload compartment can accommodate about one and a half city bus, and then there is only about half a bus in the fuselage.
Or, if you know your passenger plane, its size and weight is DC-9.
The initial concept of the orbiter had a smaller cargo hold and wingspan, but due to the need for military help to fund the development of the space shuttle project, they needed some changes.
The Pentagon and the Air Force want to send satellites into orbit much larger than NASA planned, and they also have launch and orbit requirements, which determine the need for a larger Delta --wing structure.
Ultimately, these modifications facilitate the larger components needed to launch the International Space Station.
When you think the Hubble Space Telescope is 43. 5 feet (13. 2 m)
14 feet long (4. 2 m)
Wide, you can see that it almost fills up the payload compartment that can handle 15 feet (4. 6 m)
Diameter object.
Some of the components brought to the ISS left only a few inches of space on either side of the bay.
The shuttle adjusted it to its size, and it lifted the total mass of an amazing array and object to space.
It is not a perfect transportation system, but it has proven its ability as a low Earth rail freight carrier.
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