what\'s in a bat-crap-crazy name?

by:YEROO     2019-10-04
Everyone likes a funny baby name.
Half the reason this culture is so obsessed with celebrity pregnancy is because we can\'t wait to know if new parents can surpass Moxie Crimefighter, Audio Science and Pilot Inspektor.
The problem is that real kids have to grow up with these names, and it\'s really an unbearable cross when those real kids don\'t have naturally beautiful parents and/or a dime.
Therefore, the judge of the New Zealand family court decided 9-year-
The little girl is the ward of the court long enough to change her birth name-wait for it --
Talula hula in Hawaii
According to New Zealand law, names that may \"offend reasonable people\" can be blocked before the name is included in the birth certificate, which frees some children from the name of \"creative, for example, in Detroit, Cinderella is beautiful and has sex fruit and Hitler.
But the hula dance, like Benson and Hirsch, passed the first check of parents\' judgment (twins)Violence and--wait for it --
Bus shelter No. 16
The question of this law is whether a name is offensive or not is almost entirely subjective.
Personally, I wouldn\'t give my children any names in the banned or allowed list of names, but of course I don\'t understand why Midnight Chardonnay passed and Cinderella beauty didn\'t bloom. (
Cindy or Ella can choose at least the latter. )
It\'s really disturbing that people name their children after a cigarette, but the personal names of Benson and Hedges actually fit the whole trend of the Hornets
The surname is the name.
Although Talula (
Or any of its variants are spelled)
According to baby name elves, Talia has never been popular in the United States. S.
In recent years, Lula was quite popular in the late 19 th century, which made Lula\'s revival mature. (
If this trend is not obvious to you, look at any arrangement of \"Emma\", \"Grace\" and \"Lil. )
If she went to Tallie or Lula and never told anyone her middle name, I dare say the child would be easier than the poor No. 16 bus shelter.
I\'m glad Talula do Hula got a less embarrassing name for her benefit, and frankly I think her parents deserve a quick kick.
But I don\'t know how the government feels about the baby naming intervention. -
Especially when the government acts violently.
\"Reader, how is it bullying-
If the state intervenes to let us know what you think, the magnet will name a form of child abuse-
Tell us the worst baby name you \'ve ever heard. -in comments. (
Note: Oranjello and Lemonjello, chlamydia, eczema, vagina, etc.
It is racist and urban legend.
Don\'t even bother. )
Update, we have a winner: a great review thread includes some great questions like, why \"we didn\'t see more little girls and teenagers named Oprah, A father who accidentally named the child Brittany Spearsooops!
He did it five years before she was hit)
, Complaints about kr8tive spellyng, and a few votes to support out-of-
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