Where can I volunteer service box? Volunteers box production

by:YEROO     2020-03-22
The service box, box of volunteers also called Ustation volunteer U stand, volunteer service pavilion, volunteer service, youth volunteer service, convenient service pavilion, etc. Call, say are the same products, are the community public welfare convenient service platform for the community. The national professional volunteer booth making factories, for multiple cities produce YiLong traffic makes different pattern of volunteer service box, shenzhen, foshan, chongqing, guangdong jiangmen multiple volunteer booth are produced by our company. Volunteers box is put in the school, community, tourist area, the position such as railway station, bus station, wharf. To participate in volunteer activities of general college students, volunteers, the elderly, office workers and other groups. Convenient services include heating food, tea, the way free guides, lost and found, register, help the weak assistive, emergency charging, etc. On a rainy day or even the hot summer, there are public umbrella to borrow. Volunteer booth specifications ( Can be customized) Volunteer booth size ( Wide & times; Wide & times; High) Is 3. 5 * 4. 0 * 3. 3 m or 3. 0 * 5. 0 * 3. 3 meters. Volunteer service passing a period late design must consider the transportation problem, we often adopt the platform car is most the breadth is 3 meters, plus 1 platform car itself. 3 meters high, limit high commonly 4 on the highway. 5 meters, so the box do 3 m is very appropriate. Volunteer booth allocation of urban volunteer service box internal configuration were similar, mainly contains the workbench, work cabinets, electrical box outlet facilities, such as after the installation by volunteer organizations configure office computer, work chair, etc. Raincoat, umbrella, bicycle pump, drifting books, tourist map, schedules, for the convenience of medicine cabinet, convenient FuWuXiang, civil air defense emergency equipment, fire emergency equipment items can be made of volunteer service organization configuration is complete. YiLong regular voluntary control box 1, column: made by 1. 5 mm thick galvanized rectangular tube welding for metal frame structure, specifications are usually 150 mm & times; 150毫米; 2, outside the top: is made of high quality galvanized steel pressure forming, the middle insulation cotton, warm warm, neutral weather resistance rubber seal, put an end to leak and seepage; 3, door: 0. 8 mm beige gate; 4, movable window: high quality aluminium alloy window, the glass is not 5 mm toughened glass, 5, WaiFeng board: adopt high grade 1. 2 mm galvanized steel plate; 6, photosensitive plate: using high grade 1. 2 mm choi steel; 7, base: the underlying for Angle steel frame, the surface of anti-static flooring, anti-corrosion effect is good, long service life; 8, condole top: using decorative luxury activity, convenient maintenance; 9, the lining, the middle for the machine frame, inside and outside the lining board; 10, other configuration: LED energy-saving lamps, electric cabinet, socket, dark lines. Social public and community volunteer service box based on the convenient service, the requirements of the production is different from general security control box and high-speed toll booths. Volunteer service box atmospheric modeling fashion, internal work space is large, the logo sign marked, this also reflected the volunteer service organization and institutional demand.
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