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by:YEROO     2019-10-27
The stunning island of Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands.
This is a destination, the weather is very good all year round, there is little rain in winter and even some sunshine.
Tenerife is also home to a variety of bars, where you can enjoy relaxing drinks in the island\'s beautiful weather and beautiful surroundings.
There are a lot of different options when it comes to the best places to enjoy drinks-there are only a few here.
Fantastic Cafe club this upscale bar can be said to be the best in the Americas of Playa de las, with exquisite style and warm atmosphere. it is a good place to have a drink or two.
The Magic cafe is the perfect choice for a smart night, starting to play live music at 9 every night. 30pm.
The cocktail menu is large, so you will be spoiled for sure.
The munba relaxing snack bar, which serves delicious food and delicious cocktails throughout the day, allows you to enjoy a relaxing night in munba while enjoying some spectacular views of Las Vista beach.
Be sure to sit outside so you can feel the lovely island breeze!
Papagayo beach club this beach bar with stunning sea views is one of the most fashionable and upscale barsand-
Bar in South Tenerife.
Also located on the open American beach
The Sky Lounge at Papagayo Beach Club is a great place to sample some of the best cocktails that Tenerife has to offer.
Food is served during lunch time and dinner time, you can continue to have fun in the early hours, and DJs play from technology to trendy technology near the lively dance floor.
Harley is located in Adeje, one of the island\'s most beautiful attractions, and is known for its talented bar staff for its luxurious cocktails.
The menu at the restaurant is very rich and everyone has it, but I think the premium cocktails here are delicious.
The Havana Fashion Club is a new member of the Tenerife bar, but has been welcomed by tourists.
This is an ideal place to enjoy some of the best cocktails and great atmosphere in a vibrant bar at night.
How to get there most conveniently and cost-effectively
An effective way to get to your place is to advance
Booked the Tenerife airport bus after you landed.
Before the departure date, make sure the location on the Tenerife airport bus will guarantee the best price on your trip and reassure you that all your travel arrangements have been sorted out.
Tenerife airport bus will take you from the airport to your accommodation without any trouble and you will be welcomed by friendly and professional drivers when you land, I will be enthusiastic in any way to help ensure a good start to your holiday.
Tenerife is an ideal place for those who enjoy relaxing with delicious cocktails and some amazing views.
From the amazing cafe to the stylish Havana, the island has covered you!
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