who should shovel bus stops? it\'s up to the towns, officials say

by:YEROO     2019-10-03
On February, jpgSnowfall outside the Bergen County Court. 5, 2014. (Myles Ma/NJ. com)BERGEN COUNTY —
In this snowy winter, some commuters are still turning over piles of ice and preparing to go to the bus shelters.
But who is responsible for clearing the snow?
The covered bus sheltersNJ Transit, which installed the shelter, said these towns had to do so.
\"We are not responsible for the maintenance of the website,\" said William Smith, a spokeswoman for NJ Transit . \".
\"It depends on the cities.
\"CBS New York reported on Sunday that some commuters had difficulty parking on Highway 4 in Hackensack.
City spokesman Thomas Ammirato told NJ.
Hackensack\'s staff cleaned up the bus stop on the streets of the city and county, but there was no parking on the highway --
These are the responsibility of the National Ministry of Transport, which also lays highways.
DOT did not immediately respond to calls seeking comment.
But county and other municipal officials say every town is usually responsible.
Joe Crifasi, director of public works at Bergen County, said NJ Transit was approved by the municipal government to install each bus stop.
This agreement usually means that in every shelter, the town will cut grass, dump garbage, and, of course, shovel snow.
Mayor Richard LaBarbiera said that this is true of the sanctuary, whether it is on the local, county or state roads.
The only exception to Paramus is that, as part of the approval of the site plan, the owner agrees to maintain the shelter.
But ravalbiera says the autonomous city is responsible for maintaining 99% of the town\'s shelters.
However, Paramus recently reached an agreement with AR James Media, a company that sells ads in shelters.
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Com/bergenThe company maintains shelters as part of the contract.
Jim DeLucia, president of AR James Media, said that after the recent storm, his company had a shelter for shoveling snow in Paramus.
\"They did a good job,\" LaBarbiera said . \".
In any case, Hackensack made the argument meaningless.
Ammirato told NJ, though he believed the city had never done so before.
On Monday, the city manager ordered a staff member to shovel the bus stop on Route 4.
\"We don\'t want people to climb snow piles with more snow,\" he said . \".
\"We don\'t want someone hurt.
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