why i hate telephones

by:YEROO     2019-09-18
The phone is a device I need, but I never like the phone or even the old-fashioned phone. My first job in 1971 was to be a sales person at the phone company in Cardiff, which was great!
Basically, I have 13 phone conversations, letters and calls from clients that are constantly moving from polite and friendly to angry and abusive.
You see, there was an advertisement at the post office that later became BT that said, \"call to make others happy \".
\"It features a bird character named Buzby, which can be seen everywhere even in bus shelters and billboards.
There\'s Buzby T-
Shirts and badges.
There will be a phone number for the contact to put the phone in and if you happen to be in any area I cover it means the phone will call me.
Well, I\'m sure you\'re thinking, all sounds good on behalf of the phone company, and marketing is good, so it would be nice if they could provide the content on the ad.
You see, most of my exchanges are not able to provide the phone due to a shortage of lines or switching equipment.
So I will do what I should do and get all the details like name, address, phone of what model they want and color, everything will be fine before the customer asks when they can expect the engineer to call to install the new phone.
I wanted to say they had to wait a bit but I put them on the waiting list.
I apologize for having to do so.
Then I get asked, \"When you say it for a while, you mean for a few weeks,\" at this point, I have no choice but to tell them the cruel facts, on some exchanges like Merthyr Tydfil, it\'s not a few months, it\'s a few years!
If the customer is older, they say, \"My husband and I may not be here in a few years because we are old --
The age of the pensioner, then what do you mean by \"finally a customer like this, angry, will ask to talk to the person in charge.
I was instructed to tell them that I was the person but if they were really fussing I could give them to my boss who used to pretend to be the phone manager.
When we answer the phone, we will announce that this is the \"Office of the telephone manager \".
\"Credit: Fortunately for me, some of the very angry clients in the public domain have become so-called\" phone manager cases \".
\"Some of them are places where clients contact their members.
In any case, it was a bad job, the phone was ringing all the time, and the internal phone never stopped for a long time.
I know that almost every customer I talk to can be an unhappy and dissatisfied customer and the job actually makes me sick, I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer at the beginning.
I quit my job in the end!
Since then, in addition to having some pleasant conversations with friends and family, and in the next few years, as a means of surfing the internet, my later experience with mobile phones is not very good.
But its price is very high.
When I got back to Wales, the trouble between me and ntl was not over, the company that provided my phone and Internet access, and I finally found the nthell website, other dissatisfied customers shared their dilemma.
Ntl often disconnects me when I do something. No explanation. No apology!
Officials at the company say they have problems because they have too many users and are not ready for traffic and demand.
This reminds me of my previous job and we are not able to provide content on the ad.
When I moved to Tenerife on Canary Islands, TelefonicaI was happy to leave ntlworld and found that TelefonicaI had just as many unhappy customers, complaints about their service or lack of service are common in the media here.
Still, they have a monopoly and I need broadband Internet connection, so I was happy to be able to take over her line when my former landlord moved back to Guernsey.
When I moved north on Tenerife myself, I transferred my number and within a few days the Telefónica showed up to connect me.
I am very happy with their prompt service, but it has been a battle since a series of problems with my phone.
In order for Telefónica to be able to call me to say when they are coming to work, I have to buy a mobile phone.
Until then, I had resisted all the efforts that had made me get such a call and said I would never get one.
This is because I think the danger of radiation from this device is very real.
I have one, but still don\'t understand how it all works, even though I have used a few calls to my boss to tell him that my phone is broken, so I can\'t work now.
It looks like the SIM card on this horrible thing is running out, so I can\'t use it without buying another thing that I really hate.
My normal landline phone ring is not normal, sometimes only half a ring.
This can become impossible when you try to talk, because the crack on the line is so loud that you can\'t hear what is being said.
It can also disconnect the broadband, which means you have to reconnect.
At least that\'s what my old modem did.
I have a new computer now.
It looks like there is a router with flash and antenna, but the problem is still there.
Now I\'m completely disconnected.
The phone is turned off and the network is turned off.
Last year, I couldn\'t stand it anymore and got in touch with the Spanish telecom company that sent engineers.
One person called first and spent a lot of time testing and checking the wires, saying he thought it was due to the old wires in the building.
He went out for lunch and came back in a few hours, during which time I was unable to access the internet, so the work was behind.
When he came back, he told me it was impossible to fix it.
He showed me a cabinet on the wall of the hallway with a bunch of cables inside and he pulled it out and drew a chart on some paper explaining that all this part of the hallway and the apartment was good, but not where I live.
The conversation between me and him was difficult because his English was as bad as my Spanish and we all had a hard time explaining what we wanted to say.
I made him understand that I needed contact at work and asked when I could get back to work but it was not working well.
It was Friday, and he first said Monday.
I know if that\'s the case, I would be far behind, feeling stress and sadness.
Then a second engineer doing something upstairs called him and after the two talked they said the good news was they could get back to work when I was at night
I went back to my apartment and waited.
I was so frustrated with the results of the day that I took out the guitar and adjusted it so I could play the slides and finally write a blues song about the horrible experience.
Then, at last, the doorbell rang around eight o\'clock P. M. , two engineers and a supervisor.
They say everything should start over, but they have to do some checks to see if everything is OK.
They came in and checked, and the boss wanted to see if my Internet broadband was on again now. It wasn\'t.
He messed up the modem box and the lead of the phone and PC.
He knocked on my keyboard on the computer and finally announced that the problem was with the modem.
He tried something else and said the phone was out of order.
He said I needed a new one.
They all got up and left. I thought they would buy me a new mobile phone.
A few minutes later, instead of bringing back the new phone, the first engineer told me they couldn\'t provide the new phone, but I had to buy one myself.
I\'m really tired of it all, but go back and see what I can do.
Surprisingly, the phone and internet connection were restored again, which was maintained the next day.
I conclude that if three well-trained men, including a supervisor, are unable to determine what the problem is --
It was diagnosed as an old line, modem, and faulty phone, but now I\'m starting to do it again with what I have.
Sadly, a few days later, the problem began again soon.
But what\'s really weird about all of this is that I \'ve been around for a few weeks and everything is fine and then the trouble starts again.
They are all casual and can go on strike at any time.
Anyway, my current problem has become so bad that the entire phone is likely to crash now and of course the internet is not available.
From the point of view that anything can be used, it was closed last night, but it is now back on again, which is why I was able to do this.
CJ Stone, a technical blogger and journalist, knows very well that I am a technical blogger and that terrible experiences like this have made me like this.
CJ and I both had a friend named Willow who took the phone further and said he refused to speak to them. Mr Angry -Michelangelo (
Steve Wright in the afternoon)
Steve Wright said on the bbc radio in the afternoon that it took a lot of time to make me very annoyed, but in the past few days, I have been annoyed when the Internet and the phone have disappeared.
I think of a radio show by BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 DJ Steve Wright.
Steve\'s show was called Steve Wright in the afternoon, and there was a character named Mr. angry.
The angry gentleman will say in a very angry voice: \"It makes me very angry, I can throw the phone down!
\"I always felt like I could happily throw away my stuff!
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All rights reserved.
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