why peta ads are popping up outside n.j. fast food joints

by:YEROO     2019-08-21
Not far from Jersey Mike in West Orange is a sad big ad poster
The eye pig in the bus waiting booth on the road ahead.
\"I\'m you, it\'s just different.
The poster said, \"Go to vegetarian food . \"
Similar ads have also appeared at bus stops near fast food restaurants in towns in New Jersey.
According to people\'s ethical treatment of animals, the goal is to \"provide some food for thinking \".
According to PETA, the bus shelter ads aim to promote the idea that animals are not just the sum of their parts.
Advertising location: There are three designs for posters.
One shows the face of a chicken next to \"I am me, not meat.
See individuals. Go Vegan.
\"Other designs have a pig or a crying cow next to the word\" I\'m you, just different. Go Vegan.
\"Just like people, chickens, pigs and cattle are all flesh and blood, feeling pain and fear, having a unique personality and cherishing their lives, tracy Lehman, executive vice president of PETA, said in a statement.
\"The new advertising campaign by PETA encourages everyone to empathize with animals by choosing a vegetarian diet,\" she said . \".
The group plans to target New York City commuters with similar ads outside Long Island and Westchester County fast food restaurants.
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