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Why still choose outdoor advertising ?


This is obvious because outdoor advertising can bring real "benefits" to the brand. The annual advertising expenditure of one hundred billion yuan goes to the outdoor advertising industry, which also proves the effectiveness of outdoor advertising.

In the final analysis, the reason for choosing outdoor advertising is nothing more than two points: brand pre-promotion and brand post-maintenance. Let's talk about the brand's early promotion. In this process, outdoor advertising billboard display will let you know, understand and agree with a brand in a variety of ways. The process of consumers familiar with the brand is like the process of acquaintance with men (female) friends. They are gradual, from strange to familiar.

When you meet someone at the first time, you will have a preliminary understanding of the stranger through appearance, clothing, and behavior (formation of the brand through brand name, brand logo) and then further understanding of his/her occupation, character, and preferences (further Understand the brand, understand what the brand is doing, and what is different from other brands), slowly, more and more familiar, you think he/she is similar to you, have common interests and hobbies, and slowly determine the relationship . There is loyalty to the brand, which creates the feeling of "we".

In the process of consumers' understanding of the brand, cognition and recognition, outdoor advertising runs through the entire process and is a necessary bridge between consumers and brands. From the perspective of the nature of outdoor advertising, on the one hand, outdoor advertising is a form of media that is rooted in the real life of consumers.

YEROO-Why still choose outdoor advertising

According to statistics, the arrival rate of outdoor advertising in China or in the world is as high as 80%. In particular, with the prevalence of the concept of “outdoor living media”, outdoor advertising has grown in size and variety. Now people will come into contact with various types of outdoor advertising as soon as they leave home: light box or digital LCD signage for elevator advertisements, outdoor advertising billboard, bus shelter advertisements, subway advertisements, digital signage in mall or airport and so on.

On the other hand, the spread of outdoor advertising is direct. Different from the indirectness of TV commercials and Internet advertisements (acquiring advertising information requires certain tools: TV, computer or mobile phone), consumers can directly receive advertising information without using other tools, which greatly improves the exposure of advertising information. And arrival rate. There are many other advantages of outdoor advertising, but only from the point of real space and direct transmission of information can determine the irreplaceable position of outdoor advertising in the branding process. Of course, the role of outdoor advertising is not just branding, it also has a bigger role - the brand of post-maintenance.

Why do well-known brands such as Coca-Cola and P & G invest a lot of money in advertising every year?

The root cause is the maintenance of brand activity and the scale of competition. How important is brand activity in the end? It is related to the brand's "life and death."

Consumers are forgetful and fickle, and brands must continue to be active in the eyes of consumers to ensure the scale of brand competition.

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