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Why use aluminum profiles as materials for outdoor advertising light boxes?


Most of the methods such as rolling light boxes, cloth light boxes, shelter light boxes, signage light boxes and other advertising equipment that are seen in daily life have used aluminum profiles as materials. Aluminum profiles have been used in the advertising light box industry. For a long time, why do outdoor advertising light boxes use aluminum profiles as materials? Foshan Yilong makes a brief analysis for everyone.

1. First of all, aluminum profile is a good kind of power recovery, using aluminum profile as the main material of the light box can effectively reduce the weight of the light box, widely used in outdoor billboards, because most outdoor billboards are isolated If the weight is too large, considering the safety issues, the investment cost becomes very large, and the need for additional methods such as reinforcement, but using aluminum profiles as the primary light box material can completely avoid these elements, Aluminum profile materials are consolidated, and the quality is relatively light. It is the primary material for outdoor advertising in light boxes.

2. Compared with aluminum materials of the same type, such as copper and iron, although cast iron is thicker and more durable, in comparison, aluminum profiles are lighter and more expensive, so in the future development trend of light boxes, aluminum profile light boxes Will be more and more widely used.


3. Aluminum profile has a natural atmosphere, this material can reflect its own beautiful characteristics without the need to add any color decoration.

4. Aluminum profiles have the characteristics of anti-corrosion, wear resistance, rust resistance, and long life. These benefits make aluminum profile light boxes occupy most of the light box market, leaving many light boxes behind. Foshan Yilong closely followed the environment of the light box mall and developed more than 200 light box profiles, including most of the aluminum light box profiles in the light box mall, leading the same industry. At the same time, Yilong also designed a variety of light box styles for outdoor applications. While satisfying advertising, it also increases its application functions and brings different beautiful scenery.

The outdoor advertising light box uses aluminum profile as the material, which has the above factors. Foshan Yilong will ensure the safety of the product while it is beautiful, and it will better bring us advertising and publicity benefits. Yilong is a 20-year production factory with a large-scale production environment, making it one of the top three industry manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta, and the products produced at the same time are well received.

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