Wild advertising gruesome shelter advertisements on the high vacancy rate

by:YEROO     2020-03-21
Seen many considered the bus shelters, shelters on the main body is full of wild advertising, failed to fully clean up with a thick layer of colloid confetti looks terrible. Also have advertising light box transparent panel deformation and affect the look and feel. Because of these reasons, the light box of vacancy rate is very high. Just think, in this case who would like to invest in advertising! To clean up the shelter of wild advertising operators have to additional input, manpower and material resources over time is a big expense. The existence of wild advertising, seriously affected the process of the construction of the urban civilization, destroyed the city's image. The most effective way to remove wild advertising or prevention. Guangdong YiLong pavilion tent 17 years development, based on preventing shelters wild advertising has accumulated rich experience. Different materials have different characteristics, some of the material is easy to remove glue stick more wild announcements of advanced coating, automatic cleaning effect, wild poster rickety fall off easily.
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