windsor police release first graffiti suspect, arrest different man

by:YEROO     2019-10-31
Another man was associated with Islam last week-
After police released the subject of the previous arrest, Windsor graffiti.
Another man was associated with Islam last week-
After police released the subject of the previous arrest, Windsor graffiti.
George Donaldson, 49year-
Old Windsor resident now faces 16 pranksLoss of Property).
At about 12: 50 on Saturday, he was found and detained by Windsor police on 900 block of Ouellette Avenue. m.
Police initially arrested one. year-
The old man on the case on Friday
The man was later released without any charges.
Windsor police spokesman
Steve Betteridge said the release of the first target and the subsequent arrest of Donaldson was the result of a further investigation.
\"We received some information,\" Betteridge said . \".
\"This is still an open and positive investigation.
Having said that, we believe that the right person has been charged.
\"The only male in charge of Islam\'s security camera image
Graffiti on the theme of Windsor Star building at 300 Ouellette Avenue.
On the morning of December. 13, 2017.
In the early morning of December, G4S/Windsor starter provides services.
13. The information of \"Islamic present\" and \"Islamic execution of drug dealers\" is spray-
Paint red on the properties of Windsor Star, CTV Windsor and CBC Windsor, as well as multiple bus shelters on Ouellette Avenue.
Graffiti has striking similarities to vandalism in other parts of Windsor in October and November.
So far, the accused has only been involved in the most recent acts of destruction.
Betteridge said all 16 allegations were related to graffiti found in December. 13.
The information is sprayed.
In addition to the commercial properties of the media store, there are a total of 13 bus shelters, from Tecumseh Road to Wyandotte Street.
As for the motivation behind the graffiti, Betteridge said it was still part of the investigation --
And the upcoming court proceedings.
\"In any case, it\'s hard for the police to get into someone\'s brain.
Windsor police thanked the local media and the community as a whole for their help in the incident.
\"This case has attracted great public attention.
Granted, \"said Betteridge.
\"First, there is a great loss of property.
But the second one: the theme of this graffiti is (a concern)
Our diverse community.
\"Encourage anyone who has more information about this person or these events to call 519-255-6700 ext. 4000.
Anonymous tips can be made in 519 through criminal plugs258-8477 or www. catchcrooks. com. Islamic-
Theme graffiti spray-
In the early morning of December, paint at the bus shelter on Ouellette Avenue. 13, 2017.
Sprayed Dax Melmer/Windsor StarGraffiti-
On the morning of December, paint was applied to the doors of Windsor Star Building on Ouellette Avenue. 13, 2017.
\"Islamic execution of drug dealers Rev 22. 14, 15.
Star of Windsor (})();
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