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YEROO solar powered bus shelters to introduce


Solar energy is an emerging green industry and an inexhaustible green energy source. Now we successfully apply solar energy to the bus shelter, which solves many problems such as the difficulty of using electricity, the difficulty of laying lines, and the difficulty of using electricity safely. It also saves a lot of electricity costs for customers, thus saving operation costs and equipment installation costs.

The solar bus shelter made by Foshan YEROO Advertising Engineering Co., Ltd. mainly combines the needs of the advertising market and carries out targeted shape design. It uses solar panels, controllers, lead-acid maintenance-free batteries and ultra-high brightness light-emitting diodes as power supply system and light source. At the same time, it uses high-efficiency nano-light-emitting materials to turn point light source into surface light source. Light is more uniform, no “rib” phenomenon; fine workmanship, excellent quality, strange shape.

YEROO-YEROO solar powered bus shelters to introduce

The solar power supply system of the bus shelters carries out energy conversion and reserve during the day, and the cabinet illuminates at night. It not only saves electricity and protects the environment, but also plays the role of advertising media and beautifying the environment. Battery power supply also avoids the problems of high and low power consumption and poor safety control, so that the light source can continuously and steadily shine, better reflect the aesthetic feeling of the advertising screen of the bus shelter, more attract customers’eyes, so that the advertising of customers can play the maximum effect.

Only by continuous innovation can enterprises become more competitive. Driven by the current environment of building a “smart city”, YEROO’s bus shelter pays attention to culture, but at the same time, it also begins to work hard on intelligence, new energy and other aspects.

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