YiLong traffic toll booths are commonly used stainless steel production technology and production process

by:YEROO     2020-03-23
Stainless steel because of its hardness is strong, the natural environment without oxidation, easy processing and physical properties such as commonly used as a tollbooth production of raw materials. In the process of production of tollbooths need several different processing technology on stainless steel, so as to meet the needs of toll booths to make. The processing technology of the commonly used include: bending process, bulging process, stretching and flanging process, etc. The process is not need to make every toll booths, such as cross section is a quadrilateral tollbooths bending process is not used; The edge of the stainless steel handle well flanging process does not use, just more or less will involve a two. Stainless steel tollbooths processing is commonly used in the processing technology has been introduced in the process of operation methods, foshan YiLong transportation process of toll booths made of stainless steel and standards. Stainless steel tollbooths production process: 1. Sand tollbooths pillar: all use 304 stainless steel plate, bending scallop pillar by bending process, the thickness of guarantee in 1. More than 5 mm, in order to ensure the enough strength to protect booth in toll collector; 2. Interlining inside: all use polystyrene foam board, the impact of the outside world as a protective buffer for booth in effect, also up to the characteristics of moisture, wet insulation, noise elimination; 3. Window: use stainless steel of push-pull window, 5 mm thick toughened glass edges silicone seal, make sure not dew, tight; 4. Toll booths exteriors board: all use 304 stainless steel plate, its thickness requirement in 1. 2 mm, interior quality fireproof decorative board, ensure the safety at the same time beautify the booth in the environment; 5. Charge the workbench: workbench and the outer wall of toll booths to ensure there is enough distance, equipped with exhaust fan and camera. 6. Condole supports: use high-quality fireproof decorative board; 7. Booth: within the floor USES wooden floor of the insulation, toll collector on the right side more than one meter from the ground to install socket outlet; Stainless steel tollbooths product display: west on stainless steel highway toll booths stainless steel tollbooths expressway in hunan city highway tollbooths airport expressway toll booths YK - stainless steel stainless steel DGSFT27 tollbooths more stainless steel stainless steel tollbooths products please refer to the toll booths series product display.
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