you\'ll be waiting a long time! residents left bemused after bus stop is installed on a street with no bus routes passing through it

by:YEROO     2019-09-06
Residents of Rotherham were confused as a new bus shelter popped up on a road no longer serviced by bus.
6,000 stateof-the-
Earlier this month, the art bus station emerged on the Tickhill Road in South Yorkshire.
But when the bus route on the road was cut off, the neighbors wondered why the shelter had replaced the previous rusty metal rod.
Officials were forced to apologize for the mistake and claimed they did not know the two --bus-a-
The day service along the road was cut off in the third month.
The notice of the sanctuary, which is not currently in use, reads: \"Please note that this bus stop is no longer in use.
Local residents attacked the head of passenger transport in South Yorkshire (SYPTE)
Because it wasted thousands of pounds that could have been spent elsewhere.
Donna Marie am, a 40-year-old resident, said: \"I got home about two weeks ago and saw eight workers build a new bus stop.
\"I didn\'t know at the time that the route had stopped, but before that, the bus was only driving twice a day on the road, so it was not worth stopping to spend 6,000.
\"I couldn\'t believe it when I found out that the route was completely stopped, I just thought, \'This is a complete waste of money \'.
\"There are a lot of important things to spend money on, but they spend thousands of dollars on it.
Pat Woodhouse, 67, from Rotherham, added: \"It\'s pointless to use the new schedule, it\'s a waste of money . \".
It is best to serve the local community at the bus stop. \'Ex-
Carol Stringer, a 70-year-old lawmaker, said: \"There is no bus going down the road, but they have gone and set up a bus stop, which is ridiculous.
\"I \'ve been fighting for Parliament to sign up for a 20-mile/hour sign on a nearby road that is used by many primary school students.
\"They refused to put this up, but it was incredible to go to a useless bus shelter for 6,000.
The shelter was commissioned by SYPTE, supervised by the Sheffield City District joint authority.
A sypte spokesman said that as part of the agreement between the authority and real estate developers, the plan to build a new residence on the road of Tickhill has been implemented.
They claimed that at the time of the transaction, officials had not yet arranged bus routes to be transferred from residential roads, adding: \"We are reviewing our installation process, to prevent this from happening again, where possible.
Residents hope that the bus stop on Tickhill Road will move to nearby Hamilton Road, which has buses.
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